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  1. okay...just because it's great to see T-ara 24/7 doesn't mean 5 mv of the SAME song will be great! like everyone said....OVERKILL! I hope this was a mistake and it's 3 mv! I so hope it's not like Cry Cry where the ballad and dance mv were practically the same video!!!! The 17+ min. drama video can ALREADY be the 5 mv. Love the girls...hate the CCM for trying to kill them!:(
  2. Dec. 24 NEEDS to come fast cause I'm dying waiting for this! It's great to see Qri and Eunjung join in on the mv!
  3. Again thx for the guide...come on ppl. lets vote the girls to the top!
  4. Thanks for the link...it's great to see just how great the girls are doing! They deserve the #1 slot!
  5. it's so good to see the girls getting higher end photo shoots! Hyomin is BEAUTIFUL as always!
  6. They so need to stick to this style...it suits them so well! loving it! They seem to stand out more looking like this (don't get me wrong...they've always be pretty/cute) New comeback = new look!
  7. They should stick to the "boy" trend and make it a new style...how great would that be! they fit it so perfectly!
  8. They look so great with short hair!!!! Y is it that they look more feminine with short hair than long? I'm loving the photos--thx
  9. omg...congratz to the girls...they deserve all the success that they've earn! so proud to see them do so well in Japan!
  10. the girls did great with this song...but really goodbye stage already....noooooooo! Y not promote another awesome song before sailing off?
  11. i love these looks...i wonder when they'll start to promote this in Japan---hope someone keeps us updated on their actives in Japan!
  12. Maybe this version should have been the second MV....would have been different from the first MV to the second!!!! just a thought!
  13. They are the best couple!!! Message to WGM....give them more showtime!!!
  14. omg....i love their yellow platform shoes! I want!!!!
  15. ikr! the korean wave needs to hit the United States! there's so much love here for them too!!!
  16. me too....i quickly put a cute bow in my hair after viewing these photos! kekeke
  17. Boram is looking lovely...love the hair! They fit the concept so well!
  18. The strip socks sticking out of no where is so funny....i wonder who's feet they belong to?
  19. keke...i was the same....that's some serious stuff! Boram was already so petite....but looks great now!
  20. ikr! i need to be using what they are cause their hair looks great!
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