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  1. Oh my... CCM really has gone wild about MVs. But again, I don't really like HyoMin's new red hair.
  2. What?! Hope it will not be too much pressure on our all-rounded HyoMin (well... except variety I guess) Haha!
  3. Another nice story to make her sound really talented. But at least KKS knows that us fans don't like new members.
  4. So relaxed? So much free time? If I remembered correctly, wasn't trainee days not so easy for her seniors?
  5. SINGAPORE!!! COME TO SINGAPORE!!! Anyway, I'm just glad that T-ara is popular globally. But... COME TO SINGAPORE!!!
  6. Haha! Probably another lie that CCM created to promote this girl. And she's not very pretty either, just all right only.
  7. I like it that T-ara takes part in these charity works. It really shows their compassion and love for the under-privileged.
  8. Come on man, just stick to the original 7. xxxx, I hate this idea of adding new members.
  9. I don't like this idea at all and I absolutely hate it and I am absolutely against it. No offence but I prefer T-ara this way.
  10. I don't care whether the song was leaked. I not gonna find it. It's not what a T-ara fan should do. Anyway, I wish the best for their comeback although I don't really support westerners infiltrating into K-pop.
  11. Underage!!! I absolutely do not support this! I don't care if she has talent. I just don't like some random underaged girl to join T-ara, especially when they are at the top of their career now.
  12. I want too!!! Please let me be one of them!!! Really jealous of the 3500 who will eventually be invited. Wae U No Come To Singapore?
  13. Good job Gang Kiz. Now, stop making T-ara help you gals. Be yourself. Not T-ara version 2.
  14. Gang Kiz should stop getting help from their seniors. Too much help already. They need to have their own style! Besides, stop making T-ara work so much!!!
  15. Wow!!! I'm impressed, Hyomin. You can really do anything, well except variety. Haha! Respect!
  16. I really want the photobooks!!! Too bad the name is decided already. Anyway, Gang Kiz? What a stupid name.
  17. Not bad at all! T-ara keep up the good work. Show Japan what you've got. Let your talents shine!
  18. I'll be waiting on July 13th. Anxiously. Haha! Hope that day will come soon.
  19. Daebak! A gift for us fans. Too bad I can't go to Korea or Japan for their concert. But they can definitely reach their target. Fighting!
  20. NICE!!! They are finally getting break. Just hope that they are not there for relly strenuouse schedules.
  21. I'm so glad that T-ara has decided once again to help the unfrtunate. T-ara fighting!
  22. HAHA!!! They are really best friends you know... Haiz, now the rest of the members are so gonna get angry.
  23. Why not Boram?! She's not getting enough attention and love!!! Damn you CCM.
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