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  1. They all look so beautiful. I like how Jiyeon, Hyomin and Qri are dressed.
  2. I didn't know they could get US visas within a day since I guessed US immigration takes time to approve visas.
  3. Doesn't T-ara need visas to enter US? I remember they had to cancel that concert in US because of their visa problems. This meeting had to be planned for sometime since CCM announced like a day before the dream concert and now, T-ara N4 are already in US. I sincerely hope they are not planning to debut in US since T-ara is like one of the worst idol groups in speaking English.
  4. I'm glad they are being invited back to variety shows. Now we only have to wait for cfs. I wonder what brand are their blouses? They always seem to wear that style and it's so pretty.
  5. The one with the poster in a tube is out of print and no longer available on yesasia. Has anyone brought from other sites like dvdheaven?
  6. Thanks. I saw the unboxing review. Gonna buy with the poster then.
  7. I'm also directed to yesstyle even from Google chrome. Does anyone know how the poster from yesasia looks like? I don't know whether to buy the one with a poster or not.
  8. Also, I heard that it counts towards SBS Inkigayo if you twit (Is that the right word?) 티아라 N4 when it is airing on twitter. And don't forget streaming on melon and other big charts like mnet. You can also buy the digital song at soribada.
  9. Her bangs are back. I love her bangs. Such a different look. Can't wait for the others.
  10. T-ara has sold 3073 albums this year. So proud of them. Hope they will climb up the charts in the future.
  11. Almost all the videos are private. Bunny style sounds better than I expected.
  12. Jiyeon redyed her hair. I prefer this colour to her previous one.
  13. Can't wait for the release. I like the 2nd costumes. Not sure about the first one although I do like the bunny ears. Abit of pink in Jiyeon and Eunjung's hair!
  14. I hope it's for a japanese comback. No more remakes please.
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