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  1. I kind of have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I think that it's great that they finally get a platform to truly explain things themselves. But then I'm a little bit concerned about the fact that they're bringing up the scandal again when it has died down. But I'm still really excited to watch this show
  2. So a lot of people have been saying stuff like this apology and Hwayoung's apology were all planned, and they were all done to 'clear the air' a little before T-ARA's comeback. People are just hating on everything that has to do with T-ARA, saying that the apology was fake and everything. Let me just point out that it only makes sense that their company planned the apologies. Because that's what management companies do. They plan and strategize events in favor of their artist. How would people expect T-ARA to just be going around doing stuff and making public statements without consulting their company first? Look at what happened on Twitter when they voiced out their worries ( which, in my opinion, is totally normal for people their age. It's not a crime). They get accused of ostracizing their member. And we all know that T-ARA is bound to make a comeback anyway. They've delayed their comeback for three weeks because of this witch-hunt. And now there are people saying that their apology wasn't sincere because it was planned. Honestly, who would go out into a warzone without a strategy and a plan? Do I think that CCM planned Hwayoung and T-ARA's apology to happen one after the other? Yes. Do I think that CCM may have told them what they should write in those apologies. I guess so. Do I think that there is the slightest bit of sincerity in those apologies? I have no doubt of that. I am the same age as Jiyeon and Hwayoung, and I know that growing up can be a pain. It happens to everyone. I'm sure that all the girls have had a lot of time to think about what happened and reflect on their actions. And I think it is such a brave thing to do to speak to the public after such turmoil. But they have to face the public again someday. And I totally support them and Hwayoung. I love these girls. I always have. Even though there has been so many negative rumors about them, especially Jiyeon's alleged stripping scandal, I still love them. Why? Because no matter what, they are still one of KPop's hottest stars, they still shine so brightly despite all the rumors and stuff, and they always do their best on stage. They probably have had the most scandals, but they still manage to win awards and the hearts of fans all around the world, and that is no easy feat, even for a scandal-free squeaky clean idol group. So I don't give a damn what people say. I've made the decision to become a QUEEN a long time ago and I never regretted it. I am never leaving this fandom, because I will always support T-ARA
  3. No one should blame T-ARA for any of this. If CCM managed them better than how they're managed now, they would have been able to overcome this, even if the bullying rumors turned out to be true
  4. I don't understand why people in the entertainment industry are so afraid of a bunch of haters. Since they've already casted Eunjung for the role in her drama, shouldn't they just stick to their promise and let her participate? Just screw all the haters who will most likely try to sabotage the drama ratings. I believe that a good drama will succeed no matter what. If their drama is good what do they have to worry about? I'm glad someone is finally speaking out in favor of T-ARA
  5. I mean seriously, who would believe that Hwayoung was kicked out of T-ARA because of the one time, ONE TIME that she refused to go on stage and perform? Which CEO in their right mind would kick out a member because of just ONE time that they didn't carry out their responsibility well? Who does Kim Kwang Soo think he's kidding? There's obviously more to the story and not everything that's been said is true. I don't know who is really at fault, T-ARA or Hwayoung or the CEO or all of them, and I don't know what to think right now
  6. My sister keeps telling me to go because she knows how much I love T-ARA but I'm like so broke right now and I don't know if I'll have enough money to buy tickets before they sell out which will most definitely happen But I'm so excited that they'll be coming down here soon!
  7. Shuffling on the grass never looked so cool the girls did really good! Can't wait for their comeback
  8. Awww the girls did so good! I love hearing their live vocals, and I think Qri and Jiyeon's vocals were especially clear
  9. I love how I could hear Soyeon's voice really clearly in the last video And I think there was a problem with the girls' portable mics, that was why at the end they changed to those hand mics. I like hand mics better because we can hear them more clearly. Thanks for the videos
  10. I don't think that it matters that much that the song has been leaked. I'll still be just as excited when the teasers come out and when the whole album is released. I know that T-ARA will be setting yet another trend with this song, and they'll make history again
  11. I think Jiyeon's face is looking a little puffy in some recent pictures. Maybe she hasn't gotten enough rest, and gotten off her diet which I think is great because she doesn't need to diet anyway :)

  12. I really don't care anymore. I'm just really anticipating T-ARA's comeback in July. Hopefully the new additions will complement T-ARA's already solidified star power
  13. Okay so KKS decided to insert a toddler into T-ARA :/ Why do I feel like he's purposely doing it to tick Jiyeon off? Why does he hate the girls so much? They're they ones who brought in a truckload of money into CCM. I'm just totally baffled I don't even know what to say.
  14. Our Hyomin is so talented! Can't wait to see what she has in store for G-Market. Her talent and flair are being recognised! I'm so happy for her
  15. Let me just clear up one thing: I don't hate Gangkiz. I just wonder why they, just like 5Dolls, are so driven towards beating or surpassing T-ARA's success. It's odd that they would much rather focus on T-ARA as rivals as opposed to seniors that they can learn from. I bet T-ARA and all the other top-tier girl groups out there had different goals in mind when they debuted, one that would be related to their growth as a team, and their insistence on continuing to work hard to give b...

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