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  1. Is there a translation? I got the place n time but can't understand the rest
  2. I pray for Jiyeon's album thank you. Good luck to everyone
  3. Man she's tall. Her dancing wasn't awkwardly terrible thank goodness but her mv expressions were kinda awkward for me to watch /__\ However i was kinda suprised at her part, it was actually really really good. It sounded brilliant imo. AND WAS THAT ACTUALLY HYOYOUNG SINGING?!??!! omfg
  4. <----Have a moment to stare at a close up of Park Ji's perfect face thank you~

  5. lol. After tht confession they release photos of them eating food during DBD promotions....why?
  6. Sexy Love!!! I CRY &WEEP *eunjung robot seizure*

  7. nope they're back.....time to eat and laugh at the idiotic ppl

  8. ...the hate n articles have gone quiet.....r they planning something?

  9. To the peepz demanding for an apology: "!"#**$%^&*()_?~@@}{:><F*&~@}##'/.;[[].!"%*@@>@^$£" i think they cudn't find their remote...i pity them ..NOT.TROLOLOLOL i wanna strap anti-T-ara ppl onto a chair n force them to watch T-ara hahaha
  10. When will this last? Make it stop ><

  11. .......it's been torture for the past few days, if KKS's announcement is bad i dunno if i can take it ㅠㅠ

  12. GUYZ IM SCARED!!!! &#12640;&#12640; huhuhuhu iv'e been so stressed about this becuase I'm a Queen's and this whole issue seriously is breaking my heart. when i first read their tweets before this whole thing i thought they were encouraging each other but then the news broke out, more tweets came in and now I'm not really sure what to believe OTL
  13. just finished watching ^^ wow can u believe it, T-ara won some medals!!!! lol it's coz its not running related XD. tbh i think Qri or Jiyeon r the fastest runners in T-ara but r still slow overall. omfg I'm starting to ship Jiyeon n Nichkhun now guys here's the link of the full show, it's HD http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cdx7u1Jn50Y
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