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  1. sorry for the late reply! i'm Maritess but you can call me Tess~!^^ how are you?..do you have twitter or other social networks?

  2. So excited, I can't wait until the MV today! The photos have been absolutely amazing and it looks like it'll be shaping up to be one of the most exciting MVs of the year And then Lovey-Dovey sounds super fun, /bounces
  3. I am in LOVE with those two Soyeon + Hyomin photos at the end, they both look so ADORABLE! Soyeon's hair looks gorgeous, I love it. Qri looks particularly gorgeous too, and Jiyeon So excited for this!
  4. Excited, I loved YAYAYA 8D Soyeon's hair is so cute. Hopefully it does well in Japan, and I hope the girls can handle promoting two songs at the same time o-o
  5. /fistpump YAYAYA IS MY JAM. I loved this concept, I can't wait for moar photos + video 8D Whooooo!
  6. thanks!^^..btw what's your name?..

  7. i see your graphics in your own topic..it's really nice and can i use this one to make it prof pic in my profile? http://i52.tinypic.com/9pq82u.png

  8. is doing graphics is hard?..

  9. Thanks for taking the time to scan these and upload them! Really want this album now, ugh, too gorgeous D:
  10. Boram looks SO CUTE in that first photo! Jiyeon too, with that pose! Girls all look so chic in that last photo lmfao. So pretty! Kind of amusing that they all have the same dyed hair colour
  11. Girls look adorable as always! Why is Soyeon the only one with tights on? XD And woah I love their shoes... /drools
  12. i'm fine too..i see you are most active in Art Gallery..do you like to draw or edit T-ara's photos?

  13. The girls look beautiful, but I am really hating the backgrounds ): They look like somebody's just discovered custom brushes and gradients on Photoshop and has just gone CRAZY with them.
  14. Woah, these are MASSIVE! I forsee some wallpaper making in the future
  15. Ahahaa, how can anybody NOT be Soyeon-biased, she's too perfect :P

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