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  1. OMG HYOMIN LOOKS SO FREAKING GORGEOUS! O: hyomin unnie fighting!
  2. ahh i love jiyeon's hair here! i want hair like that!!! lol t-ara fighting!
  3. so gorgeous! hyomin looks good in all different kinds of clothes! she matches all concepts
  4. THEY'RE ALL SO PRETTY! D: i want their makeup artist and stylist and etc.!! D:
  5. lol hyomin is so cute XD and those invitations are good~! she must have spent a lot of time on them
  6. ah how cool! i'd be SO excited if i was in that dance school and got to meet them haha!
  7. woah look at those shoes! *_* and their outfits are always so cute in their performances! >_<
  8. HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PRETTY?! XD haha i love hyomin! she's gorgeous on the inside and out t-ara fighting!
  9. it always amazes me how beautiful they all are! they're all like porcelain dolls~ t-ara fighting!
  10. that's so cool that they wore these on stage! i love how they love their fans! t-ara fighting!!!!!
  11. i don't really like historical dramas :/ but who knows?! i may end up loving this one! hyomin fighting!! :P
  12. of course they were chosen again~ heehee it's our t-ara!!
  13. aww that's so sweet ! they seem like they have a really good casual relationship i'm glad they have friends with all their hectic schedules! D: t-ara fighting!
  14. this concept is so amazing >_< i listened to the original and i'm curious as how they're going to recompose it.... i'm sure it will come out a hit though! t-ara fighting!!
  15. T_T Hyominnie works too hard :'( I hope she gets lots of rest and doesn't push herself to this point anymore! :'( Hyomin fighting!!!
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