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  1. do you have twitter?

  2. LONG TIME NO TALK!!!!!!!! :(

  3. lol it's alright...... i know you have a busy life :)

    how's everything going?

  4. Hi Hyung! I'm so sorry I'm so inactive. Hehe.

  5. Hi haha I received an email last time and I almost thought there were 2 persons. LOL


  7. its alright.... no hard feelings lol

  8. Haha hi Hyung, Sorry I've been kinda busy lately.

  9. hello... long time no talk

  10. sorry im telling u all of my problems... lol hahaha it just comes out.... u can delete that comment if u want since its so long x)hahaha

  11. omg i was busy this week too..... i had so much homework and yesterday i spent all day writing a paper to get into this organization at my school..... im so exhausted right now.. i had to go to an interview for it and had to stay in school for like 2 extra hours ugh i had to do so much stuff to get in and on top of that i had to drive today at school :(

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