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  1. Hi Hyung! I'm so sorry I'm so inactive. Hehe.

  2. Hi haha I received an email last time and I almost thought there were 2 persons. LOL

  3. Haha hi Hyung, Sorry I've been kinda busy lately.

  4. Haha that's true. Yeah I've been busy and this made me wanna close my eyes for anything thats 1% boring. -.-

  5. Lol thanks hyung. ^^ Haha i wun want clones of me though. That'd be way scary!

  6. Haha thanks! I just felt really random while coming up with one.

    Hehe i agree that episode was funny. I was literally O.O when Mavin just suddenly danced~ Lol.

  7. Cheer up okay? Try to think positive, i know it may seem useless but it helps in some way. It's true. :)

  8. Haha who's the one with the legs? Anyways, I agree. Soyeon seriously has such BIG eyes but... partially it's because of the camera angle I suppose.
  9. IU + Jiyeon + Inna = Miss A? Are you serious? OH EM GEE! It's a MUST watch! HAHA!
  10. If ratings bothered so much, why would there be a need to get a liking to shows and rewatch it? I'd just watch a few parts and tally ratings. A good show needs to continue and the response is close to 50-50, meaning this is not worth closing down.
  11. Yes, seriously... this again? LOL But I think they look 50% alike. It's a growing series of Jiyeon.
  12. Haha yeap you did not before. Your my first friend in diadem. :)

  13. IU's words were so touching here. It's true. The most closest and frequent idols interact is during schedules not after them. A pity to both of them. Hope Heroes make up their minds faster, it's annoying to have complexed feelings about stuff like this.
  14. So are they really sad? Or were they happy that their seniors helped them? Anyways, I personally think they debuted naturally and it was really nice in general. But now, it's up to them after their seniors had given them a push. Work hard~ ^^
  15. Haha I think I would scream if I were on the plane! :D I wonder if anyone asked for their sigs? Lol. Boram must have taken the pics. Haha her hair.
  16. I thought Leejoon was with Hyomin right? Or am i just totally wrong? Anyways, I did not watch the movie but i think it would be really cute with their dubs. ^^
  17. It's sort of a school camp to welcome them. We have games etc to bond them closer.

  18. YAH! Why is Jiyeon alone? I am imagining Hyomin with Jiyeon together with their airport wear. HMMM It appears a jacket is a must. Must be cold? Still, why must she be separated and only her? Does she have schedules?
  19. To facilitate my juniors for the camp! :)

  20. I definitely agree the part where IF it is someone else wearing that, he/she would like wearing PJ's. LOL Her fashion sense is good. I think she matches clothes well. Somehow it just looks nice. Anything will look nice actually.
  21. Haha i am not exactly sure what it is but it's painful. :(

    Hyung! I just came back from camp!

  22. This came late? Haha. Aww they look so much like a couple. Who doesn't love the duo? They look so good together! Hmm! Somehow i wanted Samdong + Baekhee more.
  23. I'm so proud of you. Even though I dun get it but you got an award. YAY! Haha. Why are you wearing WAYBLT attire?
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