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  1. I'm happy Hwa Young is taking a break from all the commotion and controversy. At least she's taking music lessons so she can become a better rapper and performer in the future:)
  2. Call me mean or whatever, but I don't want her to go back to T-ara. I think that she deserves to be treated better by a bigger company. I'm hoping that CUBE will take her in because CUBE took in rejects like BEAST and G.NA. I'm hoping that they will give Hwa Young a chance:)
  3. This isn't that surprising to me. First with Eunjung then with Soyeon. It was Soyeon's first acting challenge as well...
  4. I honestly don't want her to join T-ara again. I think she's better off without CCM. And plus, after all that CCM has put her through - all the supposedly being a brat attitude that she gave to the staff members, trying to make Hwa Young look bad stuff - she's gone through enough and she doesn't need T-ara. I really hope she doesn't return because if she goes back, then it's a sign of weakness & I believe that Hwa Young is a strong person who can go on without T-ara. Maybe sign onto another company and start anew from there if she still has interests in rapping and performing. She has so much more to offer and it was only until recently, in two years, that she was finally able to showcase her rapping skills. Hwa Young can do better, she doesn't need CCM, especially not after what they've done to her.
  5. Since Hwa Young is leaving T-ara, I hope she leaves CCM as well and transfer to Woollim. Since Woollim is debuting a new girl group and Hwa Young is close to INFINITE, go start anew by debuting in WOOLLIM's new girl group:)

  6. Despite Hwa Young leaving, I hope that she stays strong and I wish her the best of luck in the future. I hope that if she can, continue to perform on stage and continue rapping because her rapping can't go to waste! She's gotten so good and although this is sad news to me, I'm also happy that Hwa Young won't have to go through Anymore of how she was being treated. Hwa Young Hwaiting!
  7. I heard that Hwa Young will be joining CUBE Entertainment? If that's true, then...FYEAH! Me being a CUBE stan, I absolutely love Hwa Young (who's been my favorite member in T-ara ever since was added). Hwa Young, go utilize your amazing rap skills in a better company. CUBE is the best choice! :D

  8. Ughhh whenever KKS ever has an announcement regarding T-ara, it's never really good. I don't know what's gonna happen this time, but I hope it's nothing bad.
  9. Hwa Young! She's so beautiful and I'm surprised to know that she lives with her mother It's nice to hear that she likes hip-pop. She should totally pair up with Secret's Zinger since Zinger likes hip pop as well keke. It's been a few years since Hwa Young was the newest addition into T-ara. Now she's one of the regular members, Since there's two new members added into T-ara. I'm glad she's supporting them because she was once in the same position that Ah Reum and Dani was in and knows exactly how it feels to be a new member in a really popular group. I hope Hwa Young and the rest of the members treat them well. Hwa Young
  10. Girl, you already have Lee Jang Woo! I think they should act in a drama or movie first. Haha but yes yes, who wouldn't want to act with Joo Won? That adorable guy. I also love Bridal Mask right now. Such a good drama & I'm glad it's receiving attention.
  11. I LOVE T-ARA'S DAY BY DAY! Hwa Young <3

  12. That will be very interesting. I'm quite excited to see this, not only for EunJung but for Joo Ji Hoon as well, It's been a while since he's been on screen. Looking forward to this~
  13. Uhmm, yeah 30 years of experience but he cannot even help his other groups succeed. I really don't want T-ara to change by adding or replacing members. I find this change unnecessary. I immediately liked Hwa Young but only Hwa Young. I also dont' want to see some members leave:( Kim Kwang Soo, what are you doing to T-ara?!
  14. I honestly don't even know what's up with T-ara's CEO. I feel like he has constantly not been doing a good job as CEO. I mean, T-ara is perfect as they are right now. They're really popular and they're shining moment is currently happening. Why change a girl group that is rising to the top? By replacing one another or adding members, It will not help T-ara advance because things are going to get hard to adjust too. Poor T-ara:( . I'm not a big fan of T-ara but I like them the way they are now
  15. As much as I like T-ara's acting, I'm glad they're stopping acting. I mean, they are singers in the first place and I want them to focus on their music. Plus that means we get more music from them~
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