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  1. omg i don't think i answered u last time, sorry, super late. OMg i'm from West Bromwich O?O u know where tht is ryt? i'm going sixth form in Birmingham though

  2. These videos cheered me up so much. ;~~; They really showed the beauty and cuteness of T-ara.
  3. That could be anything. DDD: UGH I can't believe we have to wait till April 7th to find out what exactly is going on. Hoping it's just a concept change. >.>
  4. Hearing the news about a Korean album and concert in July and then news about a Japanese album and tour... it's shocking. I thought the Korean activity would make up the bulk of the summer and that was it. Clearly not. .____. I am seriously wishing for T-ara's well-being and I just want them all to be happy and healthy.
  5. I'm from Birmingham! How about you?

  6. Whoahhh, I just saw your message now. ;; So late~ >__>

  7. Whoahhh, I just saw your message now. ;; So late~ >__>

  8. Omgosh I cannot wait to see them tomorrow!!!!!!!!! ;; I hope they have a great time. ^o^
  9. This sounds much better than what it was like on the teaser!! I'm really pleased with T-ara's Japanese singles, their songs sound really nice even in another language.
  10. btw where in England u from?

  11. I'm going to this, seriously can't wait. :DD I hope all the artists have fun in Paris.
  12. You all have good taste then! :P Waaah, you even have a Jonghyun avatar. I love SHINee!!

  13. hehe hi. yh, i dunno anyone else who's a massive fan of T-ara here :(. but my friends n my sister like T-ara n their songs n mv's

  14. Wow, another T-ara fan in the UK! :o

  15. Does anyone know what the "5 days" means? Seeing as the Music Bank concert is only on the 8th now. o.O
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