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  1. WOAH :B HyoMin is the new leader ! I wonder how she'll do Things are going to be fun with her as the leader !
  2. WOAH, that is a huge turnout I'm so happy for them ^^ I really hope they will be really successful in Japan (:
  3. Horomi?? Awww such a cute name !! She is so cute I realised T-ARA all love to act in horror movies Hehehe, can't wait for it
  4. I can't wait for the MV to be released xD I'm so excited for it
  5. MASON is so cute (: I can't wait to watch this episode of Hello Baby! I bet it would be EPIC! Christmas party and everything! Everyone looks like they are having fun! I wonder what they are discussing in the first picture, they all look so serious xD
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