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  1. as T-ara become mature,i realize that i have to become mature too.So far,becoming their fans is like empowering myself

  2. to all fans of Eunjung and Qri,dont forget to post your wishes for their incoming birthday! =)

  3. Keep strong,T-ara.Ignore all the negative statement and stay strong

  4. such an immature netizens..but nevermind,t-ara is strong as steel,they wouldnt give up :wub:
  5. that's so sad.i guess this letter is supposely a little wet with their tears.but its already dry.huhuhu Finally,its over and time for use to take them to the top again.Wish a best of luck for them!!!
  6. stay strong,whatever you do,whatever happens to the other member,we always supporting u!!and we're not gonna down again even anything happens..
  7. i dont think hwa will join because its her dignity and pride.KKS play with money,do hwa think like that?if she really join,that's just for her family and t-ara member's sake.if its for KKS,she would'nt do that.=_=
  8. im not bashing anyone but im already saw some fans from other group already laughing just like their plan were perfect.Hwa shouldnt leave the group.T_________T
  9. a day after the announcement is my birthday,so KKS dont give such a stupid announcement.U ruin my birthday.=(
  10. Look at 2nd picture,looks like Eun is doing some magic trick *silly me LOL
  11. she still feel awkward on stage.She just cant be cool like the rest of the member.But since our leader,Soyeon accept them,why just we try?They would worried if fans dislikes the new member and they will feel depressed.Come on,guys.
  12. Soyeon do scold us??i like her style(*likeaboss) i hope she can talk directly to us,explain each issue about t-ara,so that we would'nt confuse.but seems that they have a tight schedule,i just can wait for her response.
  13. although she look pressured,thinking about Gangkiz,she still act cute in the camera.ahahha.. Producer Hyomin,fighting!!!<3<3
  14. I want to join the Official Queens Cafe.but seems like it also have a registration fee.=(

  15. I want to join the Official Queens Cafe.but seems like it also have a registration fee.=(

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