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  2. "Learning is like a muscle that's weak when it hasn't been used for a while and fatigued when it's strained."

  3. I say it's about time T-ara hold a solo concert! I hope they practice hard at their live singing and performance skills, and give it their all. Kim Kwangsoo likes to troll. He probably won't let T-ara release their next full-length album any time soon. So I think their next comeback will probably be with a mini-album again.
  4. About time. We were the only fandom of an established group who didn't have an 'official' name or colour. I hope there will be a poll on fanclub names 'cause I don't like Citrine. It sounds like Citrus.
  5. Ten days vacation will be good. Usually, companies only give their idols 2-3 days off on Chuseok and/or Lunar New Year's. xD If CCM stay true to their words, the girls will get more than enough time to recuperate & get back their health. Which means fans will stop worrying & maybe dislike CCM a little less. Lol
  6. Hyomin finally figured that she looks better with long hair & got herself extensions for Lovey Dovey promotions. It's nice that T-ARA had a celebratory dinner. At least we know they're eating well. ^^
  7. I like T-ara's outfit on Mnet Countdown better. What they wore on Music Bank only looks good on the taller members. LOL Still don't like the song, but I the loud fanchants are nice
  8. T-ara are not After School. O.O I hope this thing stays a rumour. xD
  9. Lovey Dovey must be pretty good for CCM to be willing to make 5 different MVs for it. So, what is the point in having a zombie version MV?
  10. Congratulations to Soyeon on being the new leader! She has always sorta been T-ara's spokesperson and the other girls listen to her well, so I think So will handle the leadership role with relative ease. ^-^
  11. What do the numbers 2606 on the poster signify? Also, since it says 'the fourth album of tara' as the subtitle, I guess we can conclude that Black Eyes will indeed be re-released with Lovey Dovey as one of the new tracks.
  12. I'm sorry. What do you mean? Have you tried right clicking the image & clicking 'Save Image As'? o.O

  13. Even though her role was only a supporting one, Hyomin has likely gained invaluable experience as an actress. I think with a few more supporting roles she'll be ready to take on leading roles in kdramas.
  14. I don't think T-ARA have enough time to film another mv. It'll likely be a shortened ver. of the drama mv. Also, one day probably won't be enough to film and edit a good music video.. Or did they film this a long time and we didn't know about it? Anyways, not having high hopes for this. o_O
  15. That's pretty good. But you might want to fix the 'Mokey3' to 'Monkey3' Lol.
  16. It's about time T-ara got a official fanclub. Even the girls themselves thinks it's ridiculous for a group like them who've been around for 2 years now to not have an official fanclub. =_= Also, Soyeon & I think alike. T-ara have enough songs to hold their own solo concert. I hope they improve their live singing first though. Will we get T-ara's First Solo Concert in 2012? We'll have to wait & see.
  17. I was only discussing and hoping for the dance version of Cry Cry to be released in the shoutbox the other day. This is good news. ^-^ Maybe KKS is learning how to not troll fans. Lol
  18. Feeling a little blue the last few days. But I'm better now. Thanks for asking. Yourself? :)

  19. I agree with Confetti. It makes much more sense now. Also, it means we don't need to wait too long~ ^-^ (Hopefully, 11/11 is the real deal.)
  20. Click on 'Edit my profile' > 'Profile' tab. Then under 'Profile Information' you should see 'Member Title'. Then the rest is ABC..

  21. I'm not a hotel. Get a room somewhere else! Why don't you two just elope? ;p

  22. It's always nice & heartwarming to see celebrities and idols volunteering. Giving your time to do a good deed can be more meaningful than just donating goods/money. Infinite & T-ara are my two favourite groups so I'm happy seeing them do this together. ^-^ Also, doesn't seeing your idols being adorable with little children make you fall for them more? I support the idea of T-ara volunteering more! (As long as it doesn't affect their health and well-being.) Our girls are good citizens
  23. I'm Vietnamese Australian.

  24. i know i know. i'm not mad. lol. ^^

  25. Infinite Repackage Album - PARADISE - 2 days~ ^-^

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