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  1. i thought they will have a joint stage with Chris Brown? Where is he? and why is their performance to short? o.0
  2. if other members will be casted in the drama.. i want jiyeon to be in it.. i think she is perfect for the role plus she can work with lee joon again,, JiJoon ftw
  3. i'm glad jiyeon's not part of the drama...because ji's ready for a more mature or challenging role.. hope she will be casted in a historical drama..
  4. many fancams = many fans.. wow. they were so welcomed in malaysia..
  5. i thought they will have a showcase in the philippines too.. what happened?
  6. oh my gosh!!! they're coming to the philippines too? i'm so excited... i really hope they'll come here as planned.. ))))
  7. this made my day.. i don't care on how netizens, korean, haters think about them.. as long as i see them on stage performing.. )
  8. hope she will be in a drama where she can truly shine.. and the 5fingers pd and crews will regret that they removed eunjung.. i don't wanna watch five fingers.. just look at the title... they did not think of a better title.... maybe they don't know what five fingers mean,. they're stupid.
  9. :'( hope soyeon gets well soon. . let's all pray for her and for t-ara's health
  10. oh my.. i'm so sad.. i really want to see jiyeon and joon together again.. </3
  11. woah.. i'm so happy for hyomin, eunjung and jiyeon... btw, do u guys know if jiyeon and qri will be part of the historical drama a queen's dream??? i really hope that it will be confirmed.. i'll be happy to see qri and jiyeon in a drama together.
  12. she maybe tall but whenever i look at her, she appears petite to me. and she's too skinny, especially her legs.. i think she needs to develop more as a woman before joining t-ara.. keke if i'm not aware that she lived in US, i would think that she's from southeast, she's kinda tan.
  13. marianne13

    [PIC] T-ara

    omg! how can this child help soyeon? i think this 14 year old child is not ready to debut.. i think she's not even ready emotionally, she's not mature... wae?!!! kks is not thinking.. gosh.. really.
  14. i don't really get kks's point of view.. there's really no need to add 2 members.. i'm super contented and happy in 7-ara.. and he even added younger than our present maknaes? gosh, how can those two help soyeon? it doesn't make any sense. i don't think i can ever accept 8 or 9 t-ara.
  15. daebak. i really want to see those two acting in a historical drama.. hope this rumor will come true. )))
  16. whoa.. that's a lot of money.. she doesn't need to pay the lost money back.. it's not her fault entirely.. i feel bad for her
  17. i can never take KKS point of view.. wth, i'm so against this addition thing in t-ara..
  18. jiyeonnie, why so pretty? her hairstyle suits her much...
  19. they look good together.. keke too bad there's a communication barrier..
  20. i want the poster too!!!! hope they will be featured in ph mags soon.
  21. daebak.. 2012 is t-ara's year...i'm so proud of them.
  22. makes me wanna go there too.. paris!!!!! they seem to like the place too.. who wouldn't? haha
  23. they all look good in school uniforms.
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