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  1. lol that other version sounded a bit weird... lol hope people wnt think all asian music sound like that.. hope t-ara would be featured nxt... t-ara fighiting!!!
  2. really glad to knw wat that the ceo is helping the girls a lot to expand themselves.... hoping for more success to all of t-ara... fighting!!!!
  3. wel thats stupid... how in the world is Jiyeon bringing t-ara down... seriously... she does a lot more than just singing and dancing... shes very memorable and charismatic on stage.... lol Jiyeon and her smiles on her dramas was what attracted me to t-ara... lol in any case if shes burning its just because she too hot... hope Jiyeon doesn't get depressed over this... Jiyeon fighting!!!
  4. hmmm both Gyuri and Eunjung seem to hav strong perosnalities...i think its highly unlikely that they get bullied...Kara fighting!!! t-ara fighting!!! kinda interesting to think of jiyeon being leader...lol
  5. hmmm just checkd out the song...a few things strike me as similar to abracadabra...but nothing really too big to say it as a strong copy...
  6. pretty cool on Soyeon unni not deny things like this...hmmm come to think of it t-ara members are not realy that up tight bout these things...wel as she said it doesnt count as surgery hahaha... t-ara fighting!!!
  7. lol thats cute...and i thought Qri unni was the who like those kinds of patterns...lol more things they hav in common... t-ara fighting!!!
  8. hmmmm... not really a big fan of thriller movies but for Eunjung unni il make an exception...lol "white" huh sounds interesting...hahahaha cnt wait already
  9. thats great!!!! girls doing more for society...lol already up to passing bills...hahaha hope the bill passes...t-ara fighting!!!!
  10. wel we cnt realy blame her...shes just a girl and ppl do get tired...we should accept that ppl especialy idols do hav bad and good days...t-ara fighting!!!
  11. hmmm Qri unni's make up does luk a bit heavy wth this concept....but she stil luks pretty =]... just hope the amount of make up doesnt harm her or any other member's skin... t-ara fighting!!!!
  12. hmmm that should be good more kpop exposure for japan...wat worries me is that the audience might end up not liking Eunjung unni for her role....lol and she plays it so well aswel (cause of gud acting skills ofcourse)
  13. hahaha eunjung unni totally cute... and shes stil worried of not showing her best to fans... well i say rest away unni u need it anyway...lol stay healthy...t-ara fighting!!!!
  14. woah...Eunjung unni should really be admired for her actions...but she really shouldn't force herself like that...God forbid her injury getting worse because shes forcing to work despite not being fully recovered....just started loving t-ara and i hope alll of them stay healthy... t-ara fighting!!!!!
  15. woah... my very first ever post =]... just started to like t-ara... now im starting want to see more of them wonder what it'll be like to go to one of them fan signings...lol but their great and very cute in these pics =]
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