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About Me

Hi! Welcome to My page! ^__^'

First thing.. Thanks for visiting me;]] I hope I enjoy it here (and already am)

I'm Offically Asain and YOUNG, I'm 13 years old and I live in the U.S :] and never went to south korea once but i would love to visit there and meet T-ara one day, Like we all want to do too;))

I hope i get to meet you all soon! Thanks Diadem!:)

And.. Speechless O__O .. I Love the color green and gold >.< I Like Icecream and,

I Just Really LOVE T-ara, and Noreul Saranghae Ham Eunjeong! ^__^

Me is also a HOLIC on >"Kara ,Teentop," Wells i'm a huge Kpop freak ^__^

Call me: Hee-Jin or Unnie or dongsaeng >.< Don't call me unnie if we are the same age T^T Or call me Holicgirl Or just something you can think of (Nothing offensive please ^.^)

Bye For Now!;D

Don't be a stranger! Leave me a comment! (:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HeJaeTfreak

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