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  1. Hwayoung So pretty!!!! Soyeon is so beautiful and cute here!! Good photos in that magazine, oh yeah!!
  2. I looooooooove their outfits!! i think is my favorite costume from the whole roly poly concept!! Fighting!!
  3. Hwayoung-ssi so cute!!! Boram is also cute!!! Who shes talking??
  4. Another repackage??? Hey Im not rich!! Well, their follow up song is going to be good, as always!! Fighting!!
  5. Waaaaaah they looks so cool!! I cant wait for the album!! But, those are the japanaese covers right?? Anyway, i like the first one, super cute!!
  6. Wooooooooooooaaaaahhhh, I Like this game already!!! Hwayoung, Qri and soyeon looks so pretty and badass!!!
  7. I Just preorder my copy yesterday!! xD Well, thats good for me, i guess.. BTW, the part 1 was Awesome!! Waiting for the part 2.. T-ARa Roly Poly Fighting!!
  8. T-Ara is going for the cute-pretty-gangsta style!!! This concept looks so cute and fun!! Cant wait for roly poly, MV, the album and my copy!! Oh yeah roly poly!!! All the pictures for the album are going to be like this (B&W) or this is just a tease????
  9. Over 1,000 images???? Daeebak!!! Cant wait for the album and my copy, the photobook going to be awesome!!! They look so cute in that pic !!! T-Ara fighting!!!
  10. Woooow, the look so cool!!! Love Eunjung new haistyle!! All of them look with that retro style!! Cant wait for July 1st cause ill buy the album!!! T-ara Fighting!!!! But, Whos that Guy??
  11. Hyoyoung looks so tired in that pic, hwayoung looks more fresh.... Cant wait for see the cut!!!
  12. Hwayoung-ah marry meeee!!!!!! She looks so gorgeous, Qri Pretty!! 4Minute was there too, right?
  13. Waaaaah, so happy for Hyomin i really like her...Hwayoung can be the leader too?? Daebak!! Are they coming with a single album or a mini album??
  14. I like Boram hairstyle, she looks elegant and mature!! Love Hwayoung new hair color!!
  15. Woooow She looks so cuute and pretty!! She looks like Qri in the first pic!!
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