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  1. CREDIT: Sublime Artist Agency Naver Blog
  2. One whole year later, T-ara and MBK Entertainment trademark dispute comes to a conclusion. On December 28th, 2017, MBK Entertainment applied for trademark rights on T-ara (티아라) in four categories: 41 (entertainment, etc.), 09 (photography, film, etc.), 03 (cosmetics, etc.), and 25 (clothing, etc.). On June 27th of 2018, KIPRIS refused their application in accordance to Article 34 Section 1 Item 6 of the Trademark Act but the final verdict was yet to be made. On August 27th of 2018, MBK Entertainment applied for an extension of two categories: 41 and 09. On October 22nd and November 8th of 2018, categories 03 and 25 were officially rejected respectively. On January 3rd of 2019, category 09 was officially rejected. Finally, on January 8th of 2019, category 41 was officially rejected as well. All applications were rejected on the same grounds, in accordance to Article 34 Section 1 Item 6 of the Trademark Act, that states a trademark that consists of the name, title, portrait, signature, seal/stamp, literary name, pen name, stage name, of a prominent person cannot be registered. The members of T-ara will be able to use their name without interference. *** Source: KIPRIS
  3. Hyomin will be returning with a new song titled '으음으음 (U Um U Um)' on January 20th at 6 PM KST. An agency official said, "Hyomin is releasing a new song and is devoted on preparing to release a mini album next month. This time, it'll be a song that challenges a new genre and reveals a different charm of Hyomin," and is raising the expectations of many people. *** Source: Naver
  4. Jiyeon is making her return as a singer. According to multiple officials on November 27th, Jiyeon is currently preparing for a digital single comeback in December. The new song is a thank you to her fans, no broadcast activities have been planned. An official said, "Jiyeon is preparing for her next album." Earlier, it was announced Jiyeon had signed an exclusive contract with Partner Park, a management company for actors, and is expected to meet the public as a singer first. Due to health reason, Jiyeon had taken previously taken time off to rest and recharge. In regards to her postponed Hong Kong fan meet that was scheduled for September, "I had just as much expectations as my fans, because it was my very first solo fan meet. I am so sorry it had to be postponed due to my health. I've been treated well and will be back in good health," Jiyeon apologetically expressed. After sufficient rest, Jiyeon will make her comeback and communicate with fans via Instagram and Weibo for further updates. *** Source: Naver
  5. Jiyeon has signed an exclusive contract with Partners Park for her domestic management. On the 23rd, an official from Partners Park stated, "we are dedicated to the domestic management of Jiyeon as an actress and singer." "With Partners Park professional and differentiated support, we will fully support Jiyeon's domestic activities that will show off her talents in various fields. We will do our best to communicate with the people through Jiyeon's good work." Partners Park is an management company for actors that houses other talented actresses such as Han Ye Seul, Gu Hye Sun and Cha Joo Young. *** Source: Naver
  6. craZy

    [PRESS] Eunjung Press Interview (10/12)

    3 more to add~
  7. [PHOTOSHOOT] Hyomin for Naver & Dispatch - 22 HD Photos (09/07) View All Images: CREDIT: Naver + Dispatch + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
  8. [AD/PROMO] Hyomin for SbySTELLA (09/01) View All Images: CREDIT: SbySTELLA + Shield_朴孝敏个站
  9. Hyomin reveals the teaser video for her upcoming digital single, Mango, showcasing an intense sound and captivating gaze. In the teaser, Hyomin emits a chic charm with her proactive eyes, wearing an intense outfit that shows off her perfect body line, while the highly addictive melody captures our ears. The introduction uses Hyomin's group's, T-ara, representative song, Bo Peep Bo Peep before changing to Mango, revealing a much more mature sound. "As I stand alone, I'm worried about how I can develop more from the time the public loved me most. People try to remember the time when they were at their best, and I think I want everyone to remember me from that time," Hyomin says as she reveals her worries while preparing for her album. "For me, it was when I was active in T-ara, when Bo Peep Bo Peep first came up. It's a glorious past, and now with more freedom, I want to discover more of myself with a mature attitude. I think this is the second time I'm approaching a big challenge in my life, that's what I had in mind when I watched the teaser," Hyomin said, expressing her resolve for her solo activities. The title song Mango is written by the famous producer behind EXO's Ko Ko Bop, Taeyeon's Fine and Red Velvet's Red Flavor, with the music video directed by Seong Changwon from Taeyeon's Fine. Further joined by the DQ Agency Dance Team who have choreographed popular point dances for Lee Hyori, Sistar and HyunA. Hyomin's new single album Mango will be released on September 12 at 6 PM, with a special showcase for fans at 8 PM where she will take the stage for the first time.  *** Source: Naver Translation: craZy & Hyominniemouse
  10. craZy

    [PRESS] Hyomin @ MCM Store Opening Ceremony (08/17)

    Oh I see. :( Hope nothing serious and that you and everything remain well!
  11. craZy

    [PRESS] Hyomin @ MCM Store Opening Ceremony (08/17)

    Thanks Red. Missed your updates, haha.
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