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  1. On the 11th, a representative from Think Entertainment (생각을보여주는 엔터테인먼트는) said, "we have signed an exclusive contact with singer and actress Soyeon. We will generously support her various activities." Think Entertainment houses actor Hong Rok Gi, singer and actress Han Young, model Han Hyejin, 'Miss Trot' Jeong Miae and Kim Soyoo, 'Mister Trot' Kim Hojoong and Youngki, and various others. *** Source: Naver Think Enterainment official website: http://thinkent.co.kr/
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  3. Q: Status (how are things going)? Eunjung: I've started activities after meeting a new company. SBS' Law of the Jungle in Palawan just aired and about 3 weeks of broadcast still remain. Of course, the biggest issue for me is that I'm broadcasting with my close friend, Gyuri. For 2020, I'm also the ambassador for Chunsa Film Festival, but due to the corona virus, it seems activities will start in June. Q: A simple greeting message to the fans after a long time. Actually, now seems to be the time to look forward to many different things from us. In 2019, we celebrated T-ara's 10th anniversary, because we didn't make a comeback since our last album 3 years ago, I seem to miss that time the most. Rather, even more so because it hasn't been that long. However, as always, I'm thankful to my fans who say "if you're happy, it's ok," because of that I thought, "I should do what my fans like (to see)." As always, I hope both my fans and I will continue like this. Q: Not long ago through V LIVE, you showed yourself with the T-ara members. Eunjung: I worried a lot about what to do for the 10th anniversary. We met the fans through V LIVE after a long, it was really fun, if I have the opportunity, I want to even communicate offline in person. Q: How do you feel about being the MC of beauty variety program, 'Beauty & View'? Eunjung: I was so happy when I heard I was broadcasting together with Gyuri, because she's a friend I can confide in and am most comfortable with. It feels like we're classmate friends. When we met on the same road (T/N: working together), I was worried there would be a strong sense of business, rather our personalities fit so well so it seems we can maintain our friendship. We fit really well (laughs.) Q: As friends of 10 years, how did you become friends? Gyuri: I don't exactly remember but it seems we became friends during broadcast activities. At the time, there weren't many 88-line female idols, then when Eunjung debuted, I think one of us came forward and said "we're the same age." After our first greeting in the music program hallway like that, we met again in private by chance and became friends. Eunjung: Of course I was the junior so wasn't it me who had to greet her first (laughs.) It seems we naturally became friends without a special occasion. By the time I made my debut, because KARA was becoming popular with "Mister", Gyuri felt difficult to approach as a senior. Even now, being close friends is really amazing. If we weren't close friends, I wouldn't be able to comfortably show my true self to Gyuri. No matter what I do, Gyuri takes it well and my personality comes out even more. Gyuri: I like Eunjung's forward style. Because I'm not the style that puts myself out there first, I felt comfortable with Eunjung's personality. So, maybe I've become more open minded. Q: Briefly introduce 'Beauty & View'. It is a 'sprouting beauty creator program' to frequently communicate with global fans. Because Gyuri and I appear, it has global capabilities and consists of viewers of various nationalities, sometimes I think "ah, we're still global idols," (laughs.) Q: Have you ever done a beauty program before? Eunjung: Gyuri still MCs a lot, I've only appeared as a guest. Q: The program's concept is "beauty creator challenge." Eunjung: I don't usually wear fancy makeup, same goes for Gyuri. Since I wear natural makeup or what the directors give me, it's a bit difficult to study trendy makeup. So I learned through YouTube. I can recognize and interpret the final appearance really well, but the previous process is difficult. Q: Today is the third shoot, how do you feel? Gyuri: It's day 3 but it feels much longer. It feels like 3 months? (laughs.) We work with our production staff really well. Eunjung: They're a good match with us (laughs), it really feels like we've been doing this for a long time. Q: What kind of content did you show today? Eunjung: In the previous broadcast, as born again creators, we showed our bare face, learned new words, tried (magazine) cover makeup, from today we'll be doing more upgraded content. It's not been released yet! (laughs) Here's a hint, it feels like we're brushing up and upgrading beyond makeup to lifestyle. Q: Skin type? Eunjung: I have a complex dry type. I've applied makeup so often so I have sensitive skin, I manage it with natural ingredient products. Moisturizing is the most important thing. Q: Your skincare or makeup secrets? Eunjung: When it's too dry, I manage with moisturizing cream and apply plenty of good quality incense oil. I care for my mind and body rest together with skincare. Daily lip care is possible by using moist skin toner on a cotton pad and applying it to your lips. Q: Your best makeup look in past group activities? I remember my makeup from T-ara's 'I Go Crazy Because of You' the most. It was a concept that showed off a short hairstyle with matching makeup. Should I say those who knew me before can't recognize me? It was a concept born in the hands of experts, since then I continued to use smokey makeup. On the other hand, 'Tiamo' showed an innocent concept. I haven't thrown away the smokey look, but I thought, "I can show a feminine look now." Q: Is there any kind of guest you want to invite to the program? Eunjung: I wonder what skin care tips you (Gyuri) have because you really have a baby face. Although we're close, it's hard to ask that (laughs.) I want to see stylists, fashion designers, make up artists, magazine editors. Photoshoot and actual real life makeup products are very different. I'm interested in those areas. Q: Is there anything you want to show on the program moving forward? Eunjung: I think if we go on a trip together, we can show a more fun side. The items I use on a trip are different because of different beauty styles, so I think it would show a different side. Through that we can show beauty and lifestyle together. A program that gives missions like Olive's Master Chef Korea would be really fun. We're the competitive bulldozer type (laughs.) Q: Who do you think is a "skin genius" celebrity? Eunjung: Personally, Kim Hee-ae senior. A long while ago, there was a MBC's Infinite Challenge scene I saw at the airport by chance, I still envy her image. Q: Celebrities with trendy makeup? Eunjung: Lia Kim. She's not a celebrity but when I saw her on MBC's Radio Star, I felt she showed a very hip style. Whether she keeps her hair long or short, red lips or eye makeup trends, she expresses her own colors well. Q: Roll models? Eunjung: When it comes to the course of life, I think of those who have established themselves as actresses following a girl group, I think the indicator is starting afresh. If I have to say a role model as an actress, Jeon Doyeon senior. I'm impressed with how she can play a spectrum of roles like a chameleon. You may not know this, but when I was active as a singer rather than an actress, she was a great source of strength. I thought, "because there is such a senior, I want to be a wonderful person too." I thought about it often. To act so well even without changing your appearance; I'm envious because I have to transform myself to get into character to show it beautifully. Sometimes when I hear, "I grew up watching Eunjung, I want to be like her," it makes me want to promise to live and work hard. I look back and think about how I'm someone who can influence a person's life. It may be an old song, but it has a feeling of a message like "I heard this song when I was young, I'm still listening to it as we grow up together." It's feels even more special that they send this message to us first, instead of us sending it first to them. Recently, "tapgol" has been trending and I've been looking back, but looking back in our past, it must've been overwhelming being our fan. I thought, "there is a path I have to take moving forward, but the road I have been walking on till now is really precious." (T/N: Tapgol is a park in South Korea that it is frequently visited by the elderly, the name has become a slang/meme for old content, e.g. Yang Joon Il, the GD of the 90s.) Q: What kind of role do you want to take on? Eunjung: Rather than telling you the role I want, "I just want it!" (laughs.) No matter what role I receive, I work as if I'm fitting and sewing a tailor made suit. My personality is lovely and bright but I haven't played a lot of roles like that. I think I can act well if given such a role. Q: 'Beauty & View' is committed to earning 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Will you make a commitment for 1 million subscribers? Eunjung: 1 million? Isn't that a big goal? (laughs) I'm so surprised, my jaw hurts. Then, if we earn 1 million subscribers, let's take a few people and go on a trip. (laughs) Opening a beauty class would be good. Q: Determination and goals while doing 'Beauty & View'? Eunjung: Each episode feels precious. Because it's a window to frequently communicate with fans and the public, it's the first time I'm able to show you what I have in store early in the morning. It's comfortable like a broadcaster with a close friend. I plan to show different sides of this program for viewers to love. Even when 'Beauty & View' is over, I would be grateful if you could show Gyuri and I the same attention as you are now. Q: Future plans? Eunjung: I'll be showing various works domestically, starting with the Chunsa Film Festival in June. Because I was previously focused on overseas schedules, I would like to greet fans in Korea this year. We've held small fan meetings each season but it seems we should wait because of the corona virus situation this year. Q: A supportive message for those struggling with corona virus. Many people are taking precaution so it seems we're getting through it well. Moving forward I hope there will be less hardship and it will end as soon as possible. I hope you will get to see the cherry blossoms and enjoy the warm spring. Be sure to watch our 'Beauty & View' from your room (laughs.) *** Source: BNT News
  4. CREDIT: alfkgg, kkkbella, rhgksquf1996
  5. Eunjung has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, Cabin74, announcing a new start. On April 8th, an official from Cabin74 said, "we're happy to inform a new beginning with Hahm Eunjung, who has various talents such as music, acting, entertainment, etc. As we each start anew, we plan to do our best to to create synergy so that we may grow together. We will be showing more diverse activities, please give Eunjung lots of love and interest." Eunjung recently appeared on SBS Law of The Jungle and is considering her next work. She is also currently appearing on her own YouTube program alongside KARA's Gyuri, Beauty & View. *** Source: Naver
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