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  1. [17.06.21] "I called Eunjung as soon as we won, but she was already crying." Swollen eyes during SNL Korea filming. "We really didn't imagine we'd win. We didn't expect it at all so we were so shocked when they called our name. It was an unexpected win so we were flooded with tears and couldn't say anything at the award speech, but we're really thankful. I remember our last win was at Music Bank with Lovey Dovey. At that time we won while we were busy promoting in Japan so we were really thankful, but I think this win will be more memorable. I think it's impossible to win again in the future." I called Eunjung as soon as we won, but she was already crying. We comforted each other, we told her she shouldn't cry because she has filming ahead." Regarding the meaning of their tears "we just teared up all of a sudden. We teared up during the showcase as well so we made a promise between us to not cry again but... I think we can't bear our tears any more." She smiled. Regarding their SNL filming, "we're in the midst of filming right now. Our eyes are swollen because we cried so much yesterday. We're trying to lessen the swelling with ice packs. We should make today a laughing day instead of a crying day." About their fans. "Our fans were so happy about our win. We cried so much inside so we got out late but they were waiting for us outside with a cake. We teared up as soon as we saw our fans but we held it in until the end. I'm sorry for making our fans cry so much." "We want to thank our families who silently stayed by our side throughout that time. Also thanks so much to our company staff members who are always working hard for T-ara. In the future, we'll work hard to make you feel proud of being a T-ara fan." *** Source: Naver Translation by: transbot
  2. [OFFICIAL] T-ara 'What's My Name' MV Shoot + Recording Studio - 57 Photos (06/09) Click to download full size~ CREDIT: Naver + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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