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  1. T-ara's Eunjung has signed an exclusive contract with UFO Productions, most notable for producing MBC's Money Flower, anticipates activities to come. On the 6th of February, UFO Production announced their contract with Hahm Eunjung. Having debuted as T-ara in 2009, Eunjung, a Hallyu star, has been active in Korea and China. In addition, she has been actively working since she was a child actress, having starred in dramas such as Coffee House, Dream High, Queen Insoo, and All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws. A UFO Production official stated, "Eunjung will be given complete liberty of her abilities, and we will make sure to give her our full support. We will also cooperate as much as possible with her opportunities together with T-ara, we ask for your love and support." UFO Production, a subsidiary of Onnuri Tavel Co., is an entertainment company that produces and invests in films, and will expand more widely in the future with Eunjung as a key person. *** Source: Naver
  2. [18.01.19] T-ara submit grounds for refusal against MBK Entertainment's trademark application of the group's name On December 17th, T-ara filed a submission to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, stating reasons to reject MBK Entertainment's trademark application of the name "T-ara", filed on December 28th. According to the patent attorney representing the submission, MBK Entertainment's trademark application is subject to refusal under Trademark law. They have submitted documentation listing reasons for refusal of the trademark application. "If the trademark is not rejected after screening and is approved, we will file another objection," he said. T-ara recently parted ways with MBK Entertainment, who managed them for 10 years, following the expiration of their contracts *** Source: Naver
  3. [18.01.08] T-ara personally clarify recent rumors and assure fans they will peacefully resolve the trademark issue "Hello, this is T-ara's Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon. Since we don't have an agency to speak for us, we are making this announcement ourselves after discussion. Regarding the rumor that we received luxury cars and 9 billion won from our China contract, we directly asked for confirmation from Wang Sicong's (Banana Culture) side via Weibo and they have confirmed it is not true. We don't want to cause trouble to our former agency who has managed us since debut. We wish that the 4 of us can still greet you in the future under the name of "T-ara", and we hope to peacefully resolve this. This is the official stance for 4 of us. Thank you for reading."
  4. [18.01.08] MBK Entertainment and Banana Culture deny rumors of luxury sports car gifts and 9 billion KRW contract fee On the 7th of January, MBC Section TV reported that Banana Culture, headed by Wang Si Cong, paid MBK Entertainment 9 billion won in contract fees and gifted luxury sports cars to the members of T-ara. On the morning of 8th, a representative from MBK Entertainment stated, "it is not true that T-ara received sports cars from Wang Si Cong." However, on the afternoon of the same day; members Qri, Hyomin and Jiyeon personally reached out to Wang Si Cong via Weibo requesting clarification on the recent rumors. T-ara's message to Wang Si Cong reads, "I don't know how to contact you, so I only can do it like this. Has Banana Culture ever sent luxury sports cars to T-ara? And is it true that Banana Culture gave MBK Entertainment 9 billion won? Waiting for your reply!" In response to T-ara, Banana Culture released an official statement. What the members posted on Weibo, regarding the 9 billion KRW contract fee and luxury sports cars gift, is not true. The information reported by the news outlets is false. T-ara's contract with Banana Culture expired on December 31st, 2017, and was not renewed. During the duration of the contract, T-ara actively cooperated with us. T-ara responded in thanks to Banana Culture's statement.
  5. [18.01.08] MBK Entertainment applies for trademark of T-ara's name for the next 10 years MBK Entertainment, the former agency of T-ara, has filed a trademark application with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for the name T-ara (including 티아라 in Hangul). When reached for a statement, a representative confirmed that, "it is true." After examination of the application, if the trademark is registered, the members will not be able to utilize the name "T-ara" without MBK Entertainment's consent for the next 10 years. Even if the members choose to reform under a new name, they will have to pay royalties to MBK Entertainment if the perform any songs by "T-ara." In a similar situation, boy group Highlight were forced to change their name when their former agency, Cube Entertainment, registered a trademark for their original name, Beast, and disallowed the group to use the name. MBK Entertainment's side clarified their situation is different from Beast, in that they were not forbidding permission for T-ara to continue use of their name and that they were in the right to register the trademark in order to protect the name. *** Source: Naver
  6. [18.01.05] Friend denies Hyomin and the CEO of a Korean media group are dating, "members of a wine group." Earlier today, T-ara's Hyomin was reportedly dating Mr. A, CEO of a Korean media group. Hyomin's close acquaintance says, "it's not true." Hyomin's friend revealed to TenAsia, "Hyomin and Mr. A met at a wine meeting. The meeting includes people from various industries, including the media. Hyomin and Mr. A are acquainted with each other as they are with everyone else in the group. It is not a relationship of love." "It is not true that the two are in a serious relationship with thoughts of marriage, and it is not true that both parents know of this," they concluded. Hyomin made her debut in 2009 with T-ara who have released numerous hits. On December 31st, T-ara separated from MBK Entertainment, who had managed them for 10 years. *** Source: Daum
  7. [18.01.05] Hyomin reportedly dating CEO of Korean media group since 2017, acquaintance claims "thoughts of marriage" Update: This report has been denied. On January 5th, News1 reported that Hyomin is in a serious relationship with Mr. A, a CEO of a Korean media group. An official from News1 stated, "the two met last year by chance and became very close. Since then, they've had a mutual affection for each other. Both their parents are aware of their relationship. It is known by those close to them that Hyomin and Mr. A are quietly dating. An acquaintance familiar of their relationship says, "I understand that they are seeing each other with thoughts of marriage." Hyomin made her debut in 2009 with T-ara who have released numerous hits. On December 31st, T-ara separated from MBK Entertainment, who had managed them for 10 years. *** Source: Naver
  8. [18.01.03] MBK Entertainment confirms T-ara's contracts expired on December 31st of 2017, T-ara will continue as a group MBK Entertainment has officially stated that their contract with T-ara has expired. On January 3rd, an MBK Entertainment representative stated, "Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung and Qri's contract expired on December 31st of last year. Please support the members. T-ara has not disbanded. The future of the group depends on the members' decision." Earlier today, Hyomin wrote on her Instagram, "I’m greeting you after a long time. Are you well? We have separated with the company that has managed us for 10 years. But please don’t worry. I can’t tell you the details yet but the members can still be together, anytime, anywhere." *** Source: Naver
  9. [18.01.03] Hyomin pens a letter announcing T-ara's departure from MBK Entertainment and plans for the future "I'm greeting you after a long time. Are you well? We have separated with the company that has managed us for 10 years. But please don't worry. I can't tell you the details yet but the members can still be together, anytime, anywhere. The members are all taking personal time off time enjoying life while thinking about how to keep seeing our fans. As a member (myself), I plan to keep on meeting you. From nobody to someone who receives so much love, we took the love for granted, and went through a difficult time while knowing it would be hard for us to receive any more love, but we began again. We learned a lot from the difficult times and we feel grateful. Although we are anticipating a new beginning, separating with the company that has been managing us for 10 years is like breaking up with a lover and you're about to find a new love, and that makes you feel scared and cautious. Also, to our fans, this isn't the end. In the 10 years you have been supporting us non-stop, we are sincerely thankful for that. All of you have worked really hard! We will greet you soon with good news so please don't worry too much while waiting for it. I wish for all your new year wishes to come true, happy new year!"
  10. T-ara at KBEE Korea-Vietnam Kpop Friendship Concert (11/2017) CREDIT: CornOppa + tiaradiadem.com
  11. [17.11.02] Hyomin shares her interests, feelings as a member of T-ara, future plans and more in an interview with The Star Q. How was your photoshoot with model Jeon Jungyon for The Star's November issue? We began a little late, but I didn't tired and enjoyed myself. Next time I want to do one with the T-ara members. Q. Fashionista Hyomin. Today you're wearing clothes from Monkey Flower and Ensen, the street look really suits you. Do you have any tips on the trends and styles for the Autumn-Winter season of 2017? I think that over-sized coats and outwear are in trend now. While I wear tight clothes on stage, normally I wear over-sized ones. I'm glad they're in trend now (laughs). Q. What do you think is the most important point when dressing yourself? I think the harmony of colors is the most important. I like to focus on the colors. Q. What are your interest these days? Many things like driving, cooking, photography, interior design. I recently moved so I'm immersed in interior design. I've been resting and cooking lately, I've been going to cooking classes to improve. Q. What do you do in your free time and I'm curious about your tastes? Nothing special. I like to eat delicious food and drink with loved ones and watch movies at home, I also like to clean. It's not much different from other people. Q. This summer, T-ara's "What's My Name?" won 1st place on a music program after 5 years. The feeling must've been different than before. I very thankful. In the past, we won 1st place so many times, we didn't realize how precious it was. First place in 5 years. I took the love I received for granted, and I have reflected on that. I had a lot of thoughts on that day. Of course, we were truly happy and will never forget that day! Q. Your first solo album showed a never before seen image, the second one showed a more honest side of you. What do you want to do for your next solo album? I want to show an image of a confident woman. To be honest, I think I lost a lot my self-confidence on stage. Q. Recently, there are a lot of girl group juniors. Are there any junior singers you've been paying attention to? Black Pink and BTS! Their songs are really good and when I watch them on stage, I'm so surprised at how well the perform. Q. There are many fellow girl groups that have disbanded. How do you feel about this? I feel the same as the fans. It's very unfortunate and I'm sad about it. As my colleagues and friends, I want to always cheer for them. Q. Working in the entertainment industry for a while has given you a lot of worries. What is the driving force that helped you overcome the hard times? The fans. It may sound like a typical answer, but they really are. Being an artist is a job that needs love to have strength, and the fans give us that love. In fact, the times when it was hard for us, it was even harder for our fans. But they always stood by us and supported us. Thanks to them, we never tire and try to gain strength. Q. To Hyomin, the members of T-ara seem to mean more than anything else. I am an only child, but they're like my own sisters. We know each other so well. Q. I'm curious to know T-ara's plans for their next album. There are no plans for a new album yet. I think we'll spend the rest of the year performing at our oversea concerts. Q. Finally, what do you want to do the year ends? I would like to have a small concert or fan meeting in Korea. I want to see our fans. *** Source: The Star November Issue
  12. [17.10.25] T-ara to cover songs from 2NE1 and Sistar at Vietnam concert, will donate proceeds to charity In less than two weeks, T-ara will be holding their concert in Vietnam. While the fans are preparing to welcome the idol girl group at the airport and show, T-ara have been busy in Korea practicing to perform over 20 songs. In addition to performing a variety of their hit songs including Roly Poly, Day by Day and Cry Cry, the have prepared solo and duet performances as well. T-ara will also be covering hit songs by 2NE1 and Sistar. In honor of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea, T-ara will be donating proceeds from ticket sales to charitable causes in Vietnam. An organizer revealed, "it was T-ara's own wish to donate their ticket sales profit to charity. When we invited to hold the group's concert, T-ara did not put much emphasis on profit. They accepted that we sell concert tickets at very low prices so that unable fans would still have the opportunity to see the group. Additionally, they wanted to donate their proceeds to charities including orphans and the less fortunate." The concert will held on November 4th at the Phu Tho Indoor Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to T-ara, the main attraction, the show will include guests from Vietnam such as artists Noo Phuoc Thinh, Min and Erik. *** Source: SaoStar
  13. [17.10.18] Official trailer and poster revealed for Eunjung's upcoming thriller movie, Missing 2 Missing 2, starring Eunjung, Lee Won Jong, Seo Jun Young, and directed by Cho Sung Kyu (aka David Cho), has been confirmed to premiere in November. The film had it's first screening at the 21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival earlier in July. Missing 2 is the sequel to director Kim Sung Hong's Missing, made 8 years later. Missing 2 tells the story of 2 men and 1 women who coincidentally meet in an isolated space in the mountains and become witness to each other's crimes. They become embroiled in a game of survival. Watch the trailer below!
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