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  1. No matter what happen, I will continue to support T-ara because I like what they do as entertainers. What they do in real life doesn't really matter to me because I'm more into their talents and music. I wish people could let it go the Hwayoung scandal in the past and try to love T-ara again because these girls really deserve more than what they received during the past two years. They come with good songs but people ignore them. I'm just happy that at least Japan continue to support and love them.

  2. I knew that there was something wrong about their American advancement. First, It was too sudden and KKS shouldn't send them to the U.S. without any preparation or defined plan. I think KKS was so happy to be contacted by Chris Brown that he though things would come easy. Then, as usual, CCM likes to exagerate facts in media and it always ends by affecting T-ara in the public eyes. I hate CCM management !

  3. That is really a surprising news ! I have never suspected somthing like that about Soyeon. I'm still happy for her because she seems to be very happy and in love with this man. And moreover, she used to be a fan of his group...it must like a dream for her. 3 years is really something and they were together to face all the difficulties together which is trully great for a couple. I hope it will last and end with a happy big marriage...but not too soon either lol.

  4. I still have mixed feelings about this U.S. debut. As a fan, I'm happy they got an opportunity to expand into a new market and spread their music, and I will support them for sure. However, I still think it is not a good idea and that T-ara N4 should not rush this debut. There are so many big names in K-pop who tried to break the U.S. market but all 'failed'. The only one who made it is Psy and he didn't do it on purpose lol. T-ara alreay have Korea, Japan and all Asia in general...so why not focusing on those markets where they are more well received.

  5. My ultimate bias is Eunjung because she is pretty and so talented : singing, dancing, raping or acting.

    Actully Jiae was my first bias while Eunjung only came out 2nd. So when Jiae left T-ara...Eunjung naturally took her place.

    And since that moment, it has never changed and it will never change for sure !

  6. Even if I liked T-ara when they were 6 members...I would feel bad for Dani if she will really only be part ot T-ara N4. I mean that she was at first introduced as the next 9th member of T-ara and so she trained hard to debut with T-ara. So if she is only a T-ara N4, and moreover a substitute to Ahreum, it is like she would never be entierely part of a group. In this way, It would be better if she debut under a whole new group.

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