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  1. I can understand their excitement for working with such a big name...but to be honest I still don't feel this collaboration. If it wasn't Chris Brown...I would't be so reticent...but T-ara & Chris Brown is just like two scandals together.
  2. I just want to forget about this scandal and see T-ara taking a new start. No matter what they can do or say...people already made their opinion and probably won't change it. Every one suffer from this story....the girls (including Hwayoung) and fans. I have decided to stay by T-ara side no matter what and hope for the best issue for everyone. But we also have to accept other people opinion and not to judge them...some fans may be very disapointed and affected by Hwayoung's departure too. For Antis...I gave up on them since a long time now. Even before the scandal they hated T-ara so this story just gave them an opportunity to attack. But if we don't mind their actions so they won't have as much power...that is why I have decided to let them be even if sometimes their words hurt me...because I know that I can't win against fools.
  3. We all know that KKS and CCM like to exaggerate numbers...but still...I'm happy to see fans welcomed them at the airport.
  4. I don't know why but I really don't have good feelings about this news. Chris Brown may be famous but he also has bad reputation. I just hope that it won' lead to something bad which can tanish the girls reputation. Aside that...I also hope CCM don't have idea for T-ara (or T-ara N4) to enter the US market I know that PSY story give hope for many korean artists to break the american market But PSY was lucky...and moreover all started from South Korea We have so many examples of korean artists who have this dream and fail So for now I just want T-ara to regain its level in South Korea and expand in Japan
  5. Is there hope that CCM chance their mind and decide to produce more. I want this album but I'm so broke that I really can't afford it.
  6. 1 million views is already great...and it proves that people are still interested in T-ara. I wish the song can become a hit and path the way to a real T-ara comeback
  7. T-ara N4....already can't wait to hear the song. I'm sure they will make another history hit once again!
  8. I start to be curious about this comeback! I can't really imagine an hip hop concept with such name as "rural life" But everything is possible with T-ara lol.
  9. I miss T-ara in Korea and if this sub-unit manage to create again a success as big as "Roly Poly" So I'm pretty sure people will be able to forget the past and let the chance toT-ara to start again
  10. I knew Jiyeon would make it since she is the most popular in the group. And once again...It seems that Boram is really loved in Japan.
  11. I'm so happy to see "Bunny Style" doing well on charts. I think releasing so many versions of the single was not a bad strategy. Since I'm pretty sure some fans would manage to get all of them. ...I would do the same if I have money lol.
  12. I'm just happy to see these girls be active in Korea again...even if it will be only some of them. However...CCM talk to much...this agency should learn to be more humble.
  13. So many fans came for T-ara ! I'm so glad fans in Japan can show their love and support our girls !
  14. Too bad Danni doesn't take part to this comeback. There so many edition that I don't know which one I will buy lol.
  15. Great ! I'm so happy Eunjung start some solo activities again !
  16. All I can see is how unprofessional CCM handle things once again....sometimes this agency really have to learn to not speak!!!
  17. Not a big deal at all...I just hope it won't affect Soyeon because of some boring netizen
  18. Congratulation for this award ! I'm so happy because they trully deserved to win something. And yes...I will continue to support these girls
  19. I'm happy T-ara is loved in all Asia but I hate how KKS always use money to promote T-ara.
  20. It just proves once more how stupid CCM and KKS manage T-ara. It wouldn't turn out so big if CCM didn't make an useless official statement about T-ara refusing an alcohol add.
  21. I'm somehow understand her lol. I would love to wear an uniform but here in France we don't have it lol.
  22. I respect her decision and understand that she is busy...but to me education is more important than anything and I really hope she can attend college.
  23. No matter what Eujung decide or want to do...I will respect her because I know it is for her hapiness. And real fan only have the duty to support !!
  24. Can't wait to see her debut and perform with the other members
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