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  1. I also want the truth about Hwayoung but at this stage of the situation I think it is better if they don't mention about Hwayoung anymore because Netizen have already made their opinion so the outcome won't be that good if they talk again.
  2. Can't to wait to see Dani on stage with the rest of T-ara member. I'm also very happy to learn that 5Dolls will comeback soon...hope they can win more fans and popularity.
  3. It is nice to see that the scandal did not have affected too much their popularity in other countries.
  4. I'm sure their Asian Tour will be great ! I would love to attend on of their concerts
  5. CCM and KKS are the main reason of all this ! If KEMA want to sue SBS...so KEMA should first sue KKS for his stupid management which has ruined T-ara ! I know SBS is in wrong for how they exit Eujung from the drama but this action won't change anything...and T-ara won't be safe until KKS stop manage them.
  6. I think at moment like this family is your best option. I'm happy she went to her mother because she really need strong support now !
  7. I can't stand seeing these girls losing all they have worked for so many years ! It is so unfair...and all because of K-netizen ! These girls are also human and have feelings.
  8. That was so unprofesionnal from SBS ! I can understand their concerns around Eunjund because of T-ara issue but how they did was simply horrible. Poor Eunjung...I feel so sad for her because she had done all her best for this drama.
  9. People and media should now stop about all this drama. This situation is slowly killing T-ara members. I know they will overcome everything but I don't like seeing them cry and so sad.
  10. Poor Soyeon...hope she recover soon and return on the filming fast.
  11. It is good to see them slowly starting their activities once again. I'm sure if they let it go people will forget with time.
  12. This man doesn't realize that the more he will attack the media the more they will be against him and T-ara. Media have big power and they can destroy people's reputation if they want....so KKS is really stupid. He just should calm down the situation by stop acting like a jerk.
  13. It is a good decision to take a break from music scene for the moment.I want her to comeback stronger and show to the stupid KKS that he lost a jewel by kicking her out.
  14. I don't agree with T-Jinyos' way of doing but I totally understand their motive. As this story grows...my feelings becomes more confusing.
  15. If he didn't lie from the start and tell the truth so all this mess happen. This guy is the worst manager I have ever seen in Kpop history.
  16. K-Netizen are really the worst. I can understand their feeling but T-ara is not at fault. It is already very difficult for these girls...and if they didn't want to see them on tv so they just had to change channel.
  17. KKS made the situation worsen by lying to everyone. I hope T-ara will be able to overcome this crisis and comeback stronger.
  18. I don't think it will be that easy for Hwayoung to sign with another agency because of KKS. However, it would be worse if she go back with T-ara. I feel so sad for her and she is such a promising artist.
  19. I didn't know she has a sister in D-Unit !! I'm quite sad for them because it would be great for Wooram to debut with her sister next to her
  20. That is such a great news and I hope I would be able to attend one of their concert
  21. KKS and CCM make everything get worse ! KKS is a big liar and he still can't understand that by continuing to lie he will only destroy T-ara.
  22. Poor Soyeon...she has prepared so much for her first drama and now everything in jeopardize because CCM couldn't be handle the situation and make it worse instead.
  23. Things get worse...and I really hate that ! After this issue, I don't even now how T-ara will be able to stand up again. This issue will affect the girls forever and all of this is because CCM and KKS is incompetent
  24. It is so sad and disapointed. I am so frustrated because we don't have any power to do something.
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