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  1. Stupid KKS...all these problems is only due to hime ! Since the start I have never liked this man.
  2. And just another random post...I think T-ara antis profits of this issue to break T-ara
  3. I am not feeling good about all this issue. And if something wrong happen to T-ara...the only responsible to me is KKS. His decision to always change the group composition is the reason behind all this situation. I still remember his words saying he wanted to create competition among members...and I knew that it wouldn't be benefit for the group. Because how can you maintain good team spirit if you always have to compete against each other ?
  4. I'm very anxious about this. I just just hope that no one will leave the group. Since the scandal burst out...I feel so sad
  5. I still have difficulties to accept Areum in the group She just seems to be another useless adition But I'm sure that with time I will learn to accept and love her
  6. Can't wait to see their nest hit T-ara is great in making dance craze
  7. Honestly I think Day By Day deserved to win yesterday award on Music Bank I hope that the girls can gain some #1 with Sexy Love
  8. That is so great ! It show that they are very popular in Japan too
  9. I still can't adjust to the fact that Jiyeon won't be the maknae anymore !
  10. I'm so excited about this concert ! Hope they release de Blue Ray dvd for us !
  11. Adding is better than replacing but I hate this idea because now they will be compared to SNSD !
  12. It is obvious that this change is to punish Soyeon! Soyeon is vital to T-ara because she is the voice but with 2 new voices in the group...she will lose her power and will have to behave as CEO wants to keep her position in T-ara. And to be honest...Eunung and Hyomin can help Soyeon for the singing part because they are very good singers...and especially Eunjung who only raps now while she has shown to be a great singer.
  13. I'm sure T-ara is slowly evoluting toward After School system....and I don't like it at all !
  14. It is good to see that each member can develop their own carrer too and not only focusing on the group
  15. It is a nice news and somehow give me hope that these four will be safe for the future of the group
  16. It also make sens. It will be somehow similar to AKB48 concept with members competing against each other to gain their place in the team A in order to promote.
  17. I hate this news ! T-ara is great as they are now...first CCM added Hwayoung (I don't hate her but it was quite useless) and now they want to add new members and remove ? ...I love T-ara but if my Eunjung or Soyeon are moved...I don't think I will continue to support them like I do now.
  18. I hope that T-ara won't become another "After School" or "Morning Musume"
  19. I think T-ara members are the best actors among idols and I will miss to see them in drama or movies. However, it is now the right time to focus more on their japanese promotion and I hope they can become big there.
  20. Can't wait to see their first solo concert ! Hope it will be a great success for them
  21. I love their sister relationship...we can see how close they are with each other !
  22. I think it would be interesting if T-ara perform this new version with COED
  23. I also want them to win on music programs ! But I am pretty sure they will manage to do it
  24. It is quite sad but I hope they could do it in the next future I am also waiting for their own solo concert
  25. I can understand his feelings but it is only a show lol. Now I am curious how he will confront T-ara
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