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  1. Good news ! T-ara doesn't need a new member again !
  2. Poor Eunjung ! I don't like the idea to see her perform while she is suffering so much ! She should rest until beeing ok because I don't want her injury to get worse.
  3. To me Cry Cry is their best song up to date but I'm sure the new song will be great too
  4. That is simply crazy ! 5 version is a bit too much but we don't care lol. The most important is to see T-ara !!!!
  5. I'm happy Soyeon will finally be the leader She has always been the most perfect for this position
  6. I love everything about this new promotion ! The song is one of the best I have heard The dance is simply great And the concept is amazing
  7. Core Content Media really knows how to steal money from fans lol. I want to support T-ara but so much albums to buy is not good for my savings
  8. How many siblings does Jiyeon has ? She has a twin, a youger sister and now an older brother ! The only similarities he has with her sister is his eyes
  9. That is indeed lot of money ! T-ara seems to be one of the groups who get the highest paid !
  10. It is so excited...I don't know which one to pick since all versions are good lol.
  11. It is funny to see that korean companies just realize that Kpop MV in general are viewed by people around the world lol.
  12. Each time I see Soyeon I think that SM lost a real talented beauty when she decided to leave SNSD But it is a good thing for us since now she is in T-ara
  13. The part 2 is like a digest version of the part 1 and fans can follow easier the song and the dance with it I am not surprised that T-ara top the charts with this new comeback lol.
  14. To be honest I don't think WG retro concept is African lol. And I have the same feeling than Tell Me when I watch Roly Poly on stage Of course I can see that every retro concept which has been done are different from each other
  15. Only big names give concert in Tokyo Dom and I wish that one day T-ara will able to hold a concert in the mytic place !
  16. Japanese ans of Kpop are mainly composed of women so it doesn't surprise me at all Even 4minute, KARA & SNSD have more girl fans than boy fans in Japan...so T-ara is not an exception
  17. T-ara is really the queens of CF lol. I think they will perfectly fit this new brand
  18. Can't wait to watch this movie....first because of Hyomin but now for my Einjung lol.
  19. Solin

    [11.07.06] T-ara's

    I really like their diet ! Contrary to other stars they eat well and it is very important to maintain a good health !
  20. The reasons behinh JRock decision to choose T-ara are also the reason which made me become a fan lol.
  21. T-ara will applie the same strategy that they do in Korea and It is a very good way because they will be promoted everywhere But I really hope that all the members could have their moment to shine unlike in Korea where inly Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon are really promoted
  22. I have the feeling that Roly Poly will be used for another japanese single lol.
  23. She looks more cute than feminine in this picture Soyeon has always been beautiful and I wish more people could realize it
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