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  1. It is not a big deal since it will only help T-ara to be popular If a song is good so people will buy it no matter what
  2. Part 1 is already amazing so I wonder if they can do even better with Part 2 lol.
  3. 10 mn mini drama ? I love CCM for making such great MV and I am very excited about it to be released
  4. The song sounds very catchy and the MV looks fun ! Can't wait for the full song and MV
  5. I would love to see these two perform on stage together It will be totally deaback
  6. It is better than with Bo Peep Bo Peep lol. I think that it is a good sign for this new song
  7. I hope that they will be able to study japanese well and fast in order for them to interract with their fans
  8. Great idea to get old stars in their MV This retro concept will go until the end
  9. 70,000 people ? That is a lot of people indeed ! It is a good prediction for the future of KARA in Japan
  10. They all look great and I really like the fact that these photos look old school
  11. July 1st ? Can't wait already ! I will start counting the day but it seems so far from today
  12. With such companies...T-ara will only make it big in Japan Johnny's Entertainment ? They won all my respect
  13. Finally their comeback ! I was waiting for it for months lol. But the title and the concept doesn't really appeal to me Hope the songs will be good... I like disco songs by the way
  14. It is a good thing because now tanks to Hyomin, 5dolls outifts are better than during their previous promotion.
  15. Another CF contract is always a good thing since it brings money lol. I am happy for them but it is too bad that I only use Ipod lol.
  16. T-ara are not simple singers but they are idols And they are slowly becoming the queens of CF They have made so much money in a few time
  17. I really can't wait to see how Hyomin will do as an actress I think all T-ara members will experiment horror movie in their carrer lol.
  18. Eunjung and Geonil make a cuter couple lol. But Jangwoo's jealousy is cute too
  19. Seeya is a great group and It is sad to see them say goodby but like Hyomin, I will continue to cheer for them Hope that T-ara and Seeya can collaborate once again like for Woman Generation and Wonder Woman
  20. I'm so so happy about this Japan debut because so many girl groups plan to do it or have already done it. SNSD and KARA are very successfull and it is probably why every group want to follow this trend I think T-ara should go differently and stay in Korea and profit of the occasion to grow even more But if their wish is to debut in Japan so I will support them because they have worked har in order to prepare it
  21. 70 000 ? Wow It is indeed a lot ! I'm happy for them because it shows how popular they become
  22. Stupid regulation ! Well, I really liked their outfits during music bank comeback
  23. Her debut was good and I think now that she perfectly fits into the group But I have never imagined she could be so tall lol.
  24. To be honest I prefer "Why Are You Like This?" and would love them perform it instead of Yayaya "Yayaya" is maybe composed by E-tribe but I can't feel it even until yet lol. But "Why Are You Like This?" is so great and I love it even more after seeing them perform it live
  25. I'm so happy ! Their comeback stage on Music Bank was simply great and Yayaya concept is so special lol.
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