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  1. T-ara Vs SNSD vs Wondergirls This 3 groups are gonna release their album at year end T-ara mv will be 30min long and spend around 3mil RM But wow t-ara appearing on MY paper is cool
  2. Looks so pretty...any girs from t-ara could really fit into and style and concepts... Hyomin Hwaiting
  3. Like how t-ara always surprise us each time they perform rolypoly they always wear a different outfit and each of them gives a different feel
  4. Wow...both of them looks like real models there... I tot 'jam' eunjung fell asleep again when i saw the picture wif dat mic
  5. Glad they were chosen again as their model...they looks so great in the poster
  6. WOOHOO...now i get to spend another 30mins more on MV... T-ara fits into all concepts and still is the best! Hwaiting!
  7. Wow they really cut their hair to fit this style? Its sexy and totally drop dead cute =D Somehow their 2nd song should have been Im really hurt to fit into this outfit
  8. I definitely like jiyeon and suzy more than tiff and yuri hosting this show They were voted 1st and 2nd for most pretty idols yeah =D Jiyeon Hwaiting!
  9. Wow her schedule will be max-ed out with all promotions and WGM and other variety Somehow its interesting to see Eunjung in a historical drama, early in the year she and hyomin were both acting in horror and now both are acting in historical drama =D
  10. Yeah! and now they topped the weekly Oricon chart and daily Oricon chart which is another record... Keep this up and top the monthly chart as well =D
  11. Wow she is so brave to directly shoot that she got shot in her nose before. Stupid hater going to start flaming around again.... someone should start giving lecture to the hater before the shot on nose become "going under knife" rumors...
  12. I had watched this episode and it was good! I couldnt believe she done that despite her leg injury. Although i do not like her role (so Evil) in dream high, but EunJung Daebak!
  13. T-ara as Honorary Advisers!!!! Protect the dog bill please pass it!!! Hope they get all the vote!
  14. OMG, Hyomin face has become so thin compare to T-ara debut. Wish she can get more rest and eat healthily. She need to gain some fat-mass back or she will fall sick soon. Hyomin Fighting!
  15. Haha, Jam Eunjung look so innocent when she fall asleep all over the place... Evil Manager Oppa pulling pranks on eunjung make me laugh!
  16. Quite Curious about her explanation... haha, Soyeon have a lot of guys friend, maybe thats why there is alot of rumor flying around. LOL
  17. Yeah! Great to know T-ara members are eating alot and are healthy too! LOL at "compare to other girls. Eat alot more!
  18. Waa Maden so fortunate! Love Moon Mavin! Cant wait for the sub episode to come out! T-ara Fighting!
  19. Yeah, T-ara shouldnt be rush into Japan Market yet, they should have more rest instead. Poor Ji Yeon need more rest. T-ara has the potential to be on the top of Korean Entertainment World
  20. Thanks for the upload... Jiyeon so cute with that shot >_< hmm... hehe what she trying to express... LOL
  21. Who care if the debate on Jiyeon's smiles continues.... There will always be people un-contented with many things, so as long there is fans behind Ji Yeon, I believed she can always smile beautifully!
  22. Erm, is the joke suppose to be funny, or suppose to be emotionless? I couldnt catch the meaning behind what he wanted to say
  23. T-ara Fighting! Hope that they can manage their time well, learning politics is tiring and time consumption T_T Poor T-ara, hope they can get more sleep
  24. Aww Eunjung, get well sooon! Hope to see your upgrade self on stage 4weeks later Eunjung Hwaiting~!
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