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  1. Yup, even it's hurtful and shameless. That's how they run their business.

  3. yeah, that sounds great then! =)

  4. You bet noona~~ she is a really strong girl ^_^

  5. yeah, be able to catch our dream, is the most priceless gift.. hehe..

    whoa, its good then.. owh, its okay, things happen for reasons rite, she will be just fine.. after all, she's a strong girl anyway.. =)

  6. Hahahhahahaha... maybe... no.. That isn't going to be me.. I want to be myself... I'm an agent.. My sister needs to suffer for me but.. She's also learning law so we can tandem up XD

  7. i see.. i guess, you are more suitable to be an agent then.. its your dream anyway, rite? hehe.. but yeah, who knows perhaps later on, you might change your mind..

  8. well.... My family actually own one since I'm the eldest son, I'm the future CEO supposed to be.. but... I declined it.. that's why my sister is being boyish for preparation in owning the company ^_^

  9. kinda.. but its okay then..

    hm, what do you mean by that dongsaeng?

  10. hahahha seriously noona.... you are bored in your work? Owning a company.. even just working on one... is really hard... I feel guilty for running away from responsibilities :(

  11. yeah, at the moment though.. hm, owh preparing stuff regarding financial papers for the company and etc.. its a bit boring actually, but yeah, i learnt a lot.. hehe..

  12. a clerk? what kind of clerk noona?

  13. hehe.. owh, i work as an accounting clerk at the moment..

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