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  1. your name says everything!!!

    haha lol "sexy kid"!!!You´re right!!!!

    I´m currently crazy because of this couple!!!!

    TaecJung is real for me kaka!!!!

  2. HaHa. How did you know I'm a big time TaecJung shipper? :-P

    Yeah, they look so good together. When they would marry, they would have one sexy kid. :-)

  3. i so cute!!!! You love the couple TaecJung like me right!!!!

    I laughed like crazy when i saw your name LOL!!!

  4. Welcome to TiaraDiadems! I noticed you like the two couples.. O__O Taecyeon and Eunjung!^^ Hwaiting then!~

  5. Welcome to Tiara Diadem! I hope you will like it here. Enjoy~!

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