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    K-Pop (SNSD, f(x), T-ara, 2AM, BEG, etc.)<br />Sport (Basketball)<br />Film (Horror and Action film)<br />Variety Show (Hello Baby, etc.)
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  1. Waaahhh!!! T-ara will go to Indonesia???? I can't wait!! xD Hope their Asian Tour would be success!! ^^ Fighting!
  2. Wahh.. Qri unnie.... xD I'm so happy.. xD I hope netizens won't bash T-ara anymore after that handwritten apology.. And I hope Qri can be their next leader, so she can shine more.. ^^
  3. OMG! T__T Soyeon, please be strong! Looking at the picture, it seems like she's in pain.. T__T I hope everything will be better... Fighting!!
  4. OMG Soyeon! Please be okay! T__T Why so much happened to T-ara in 2012? It's like 2012 is not for T-ara.. T__T
  5. OMG! Those people... sigh... I just don't know what to say anymore... I just hope that they won't be edited.. T-ara stay strong!
  6. Wah! It's really good to know! T-ara fighting! Japan fans are great! xD This news makes me happy xD
  7. I am really happy when I see this news! There's positive news to T-ara! xD I hope the situation will get better soon.. Oh, and I really love this!
  8. Wow~ The largerst fansite closing down? Don't worry T-ara.. We will always support you! xD I hope this scandal will end soon.. *sigh...*
  9. I just hope that Sooyeon still play the drama.. Please don't remove Sooyeon from her drama.. >__< Please be strong Sooyeon! And T-ara too! Netizens are too much sometimes.. *sigh...*
  10. Happy Birthday! I hope that you will have awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  11. Hello.. :)

    happy birthday to you.

    God Bless you and more power to you.. ^^

    enjoy your birthday. :D

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