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  1. jiyeon lovers unite!!!!!

  2. Well some people just like to criticize others.. Jiyeon may be not that great or as experience as Eunjung but she also puts in effort in any show she does and netizen just have to shut.
  3. Yeah I realised Eunjung's hair is growing LOL All of them looked like they are having fun that good!
  4. Boram looks cute with the bear while Jiyeon, oppa can I have some of the pastry inside? LOL
  5. Wow the 2nd pic looks cute haha. Can't wait to see this epi!
  6. Bullying? LOL not possible they were together for so long if it were to happen it would be long ago.
  7. This sounds cool.. Honorary Advisors lol way to go t-ara! save more abandon dogs!
  8. Hope this show will be successful in Japan yeah! Eunjung i felt that she should be shown more rather I think this show is like more of Suzy and Taecyeon Anyw fighting!
  9. Eunjung! You don't need to feel apologetic to us! Instead get more rest you deserved and be well soon! Love you lots fighting! ^0^
  10. Wow Soyeon really looks pretty with her hair! PS leopard clothes and purse! Wonderful combination!
  11. Thanks! I love this outfit! Jiyeon so cute haha!
  12. Can't wait to watch this! Thanks for the photos!
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