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  1. i like both! without she looks cute and inncoent but with it she look sexy!...i guess lol the magic of eyeliner is amazing
  2. dang VIPs need to clam down, she already said sorry what more do they want!? this is really dumb HYOMIN FINGHTIN!!! dont dissapear
  3. it sounds good so far, cant wait to hear the rest. but theres a lot of autotone to hyomins voice
  4. hyomin is a "Beautiful Girl". lol can't wait for this. she has an amazing voice. the 10th is soo soon now!!
  5. i dont think VIP would have minded. it didn't seem like it on the show. but i think by apologizing she stepped up. the atmosphere was too fun to be using the formal way to talk anyways.
  6. it sucks that there will be no more seeya. its sweet that she'll still follow them. she's a true fangir.l lol
  7. this is going to be awesome!!! i really cant wait. the brave brothers are really good producers. i have high expectations for this.
  8. the stylists should have fixed their clothes. but good job to the girls, they kept everything together. hopefully nothing like this happens again.
  9. its so weird, i dont think i like it there'sno mention of T ara!? whhhaaattt that hecak sucks ): ...well at least she didn't copy the dance moves
  10. others would want to copy the best! i guess it was bound to happen sooner or later just proves how awesome kpop really is.
  11. wow. i don't get why they would think that. what the heck jiyeon is a great asset to T-ara. she's what makes the group whole. i can't believe they would think that!
  12. something else eunjun's gonna act in! sounds interesting, im looking forward to it but her hair is.... odd/weird anyways eunjung fighting!
  13. soyeon looks good with her new hair, but i think she looks good with all her hair styles! i like the whole leopard thing shes going for. plus one for the matching cell phone case.
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