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    newkidsonsite got a reaction from woojunglove14 in [SPAZZ] Has Your Favorite Ever Change After Know Them More??   
    Well, i just want to know if there anybody of you change your favorite member after you get to know these girls more? I mean if you rank them down is there any different between the first time you know them and now?
    For me if i rank them there are some different. as i get to know them more jiyeon, boram and Qri rank goin up and hyomin and soyeon rank has goin' down. off course eunjung is still my most favorite and hwayoung still the last because i just don't get to know her more yet. my recent list is eunjung, jiyeon, boram, qri, hyomin, soyeon and hwayoung. something that i realized recently is that i think that eunjung is not that photogenic, so if i rank them just by picture or photos my list will be Jiyeon, qri, eunjung, boram, hwayoung, hyomin and soyeon.
    What about you? What do you think?
    I watched dream high on kbs world recently, and for those who watch it you know that eunjung's character there is a bit sly, and because of her acting was so good there are time when i started to dislike her [sorry ]. After an episode finished, i realized that it's her character that i didn't like. it's not her. To set my mind straight again, i watched some eunjung's videos on my pc and i like her more and more :D
    *sorry about my english and i don't mean that i don't like any of these girls, i just curious and off course i really like them all
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