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  1. Does this mean we get to see Hwayoung in a swimsuit? :DDDDD
  2. gaaaah, Hwayoung looks so freaking gorgeous in casual clothes <3333
  3. Tony moly tony tony moly... haha, they picked good models that's for sure.
  4. Hey look, at least someone cares about protecting their girls! Hopefully we don't have to hear about any more incidents of crazy guys running on stage to "greet" the singers.
  5. Love this song! Sounds like they're saying Loly Poly lol, Wish they gave Hwayoung more screen time though :[
  6. I'm pretty sure the 80's had color lol Loving the pictures though, hwayoung :DD
  7. I hope the song they're promoting isn't just some upbeat song with repetitive lyrics... tbh I'm not too fond of Bo Peep and Yayaya :/ But anyways, I'm still looking forward to their comeback to see what ever else they bring
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