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    Grimlock reacted to AznMunky in [12.07.31] T-ara's largest fansite, T-araDotCom closing down   
    so like... i decided that im acutally going to buy their Mirage album instead of downloading it.... yup..i actually have enough money...
    it seems as though most people here on Tiaradiadem will stand by T-ara.
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    Grimlock reacted to xEunjungxJiyeonx in [12.07.31] T-ara's largest fansite, T-araDotCom closing down   
    Gosh... seriusly I can't stop to refresh my browser cuz it's like every minute, there'll be a news about them...
    S*ck you kks, You see now that hwayoung give a big impact to the group!!!
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    Grimlock got a reaction from MissDedo in [12.07.31] T-ara's Soyeon will not attend "Haeundae Lovers" press conference tomorrow   
    It's frustrating why KKS won't let the girls clear the air. They're being attacked left and right and he's letting them take it. By the time he lets them, the negative feelings people have for the girls will be set in stone.
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    Grimlock reacted to Ree in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    Eh, Hyomin was totally playing up to an image on Invincible Youth. Variety works by exaggerating things in real life. When Hyomin first joined Invincible Youth, she was with people like Sunny and Yuri (SNSD), Hara (KARA), and Hyuna (who created quite a name for herself despite debuting as the same year as Hyomin), so I'm not surprised that she was a bit of a pushover around them. They took that and exaggerated it for the sake of entertainment. Of course, in the second season, she had to carry that image over despite no longer being a rookie and her group being significantly successful. When it comes to T-ARA, well, she's one of the most popular members, one of the most well known, one of the more talented ones, and an original member, so it makes sense that she'd be a lot more vibrant and straight forward. One thing that's consistent is her desperate cries for attention though. I'm not saying this to hate on her, I think she genuinely is a bit of a loser and I find it endearing, she's my favourite member of the band and was one of my favourite females in K-pop, but IY reminds me that Hyomin is able to show different sides of her pretty naturally, and that it's not beyond her at all to be able to fake being buddy-buddy with Hwa on shows.
    Um, right, the question. I'm pretty sure they bullied her, at the least, there was some isolation going on. But I'm not going to jump straight out and call them bitches -- even though netizens are all about that (digging up the past pics of Hyomin being a delinquent). We all know the kind of crap KKS pulls, we all know how much stress T-ARA goes through, I'm not surprised this happened. Instead of an environment that's about teamwork to pull through, it's about being the last one standing. They're in a battle royal-esque situation, and so what do they do? Pick on the weakest.
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    Grimlock reacted to czakins in [12.07.31] T-ara's largest fansite, T-araDotCom closing down   
    Don't worry girls..You still got Diadem
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    Grimlock reacted to LordNoodles in [12.07.31] T-ara's largest fansite, T-araDotCom closing down   
    Why would you close it. Even disbanded groups have fan sites.
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    Grimlock got a reaction from Dandelina in [12.07.31] Tony Moly, Daewoo Securities and Wild Roses removing T-ara's images from advertisements   
    Damn I would really love those posters. What a waste...
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    Grimlock got a reaction from babybooboo in [12.07.31] T-ara's agency, "We will take legal action against creators of back-up dancer and trainee posts"   
    LOL KKS YOU CLOWN. Protect Hwayoung...but regularly release articles to make her look bad. Those articles have as much weight in truth as these anonymous posts coming up.
    Now the apex of this shtstorm is when this controversy becomes big enough to fall upon the ears of an American audience. Britney Spears wants her song back. THAT is real legal action, CCM.
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    Grimlock reacted to KaiC in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    I believe hwa was isolated by the members in the early stages of her debut ... not sure about bullying but isolated for sure since she was still new and was not that important yet. I do not believe tho that most of the girls are pure ....
    Jiyeon is not a selfless girl and at time quite selfish most likely because she is young when she entered the entertainment. During Heroes she liked to hog food which is not that serious but still shows that Jiyeon is a selfless person.
    Boram bullying makes no sense whatsoever as shes prolly the most timid member in the group ... her lack of dancing ability makes her more sheepish because she thinks shes lacking ... Even hwa says that boram is not the best dancer ... Im not that boram biased but shes definitely out of the question for bullying ....
    Hyomin ,,, i dont know ...
    Qri has the chillest personality in t-ara i think ... she just smiles ... hahahaha
    Soyeon as a leader she picks on EVERYONE ... not just hwa .. pretty sure about that ...
    Eunjung ... i dont know either
    Without a doubt Hwayoung's popularity shot straight up after day by day promotions .... its normal for a neglected girl (if neglected) to use her new found fame against the members ...
    It sucks to see t-ara fall just because of tensions brewed up by a crap of a CEO .... when a person sleeps for 4 hours a day ... they will snap at every little xxxx .... Professional or not ... a packed schedule adds alot of stress to members which makes it hard for them to think properly ...
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    Grimlock reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    This. XDDD
    Yes, I really do think Hwa should debut as a solo rapper right now. Most of her 'fans' admittedly are just hopping on the bandwagon, but she could definitely ride the hype to a large measure of success. She should take advantage of this situation while she can heh. Also, Hwayoung's being pretty smart by not responding much, just simple tweets. She looks very likable, compared to KKS mudslinging at every opportunity and trying to look good about it. That turtleneck aint' flyin'.
    Well, Nam Gyuri did try, I guess...just didn't really work out that well.
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    Grimlock got a reaction from klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    I'm not liking your post cause you agree with me [though that's just as cool], I liked it cause you're a Nana fan LOL. I'm just glad Hwayoung isn't going down without a fight. Nam Gyuri received similar treatment from KKS and she let them win. She never got the fans on her side like Hwayoung did.
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    Grimlock reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    First - NANA! a;dsfja;ldfj
    Ahem. I agree with Grimlock (again). Of course, one might argue that just as Nana appeared to be okay with the teasing, Hwayoung didn't take offense either; but that's only because Hwayoung was acting that way. Again, it's a variety show - and it's unlikely for anyone to make their real feelings known. Would Hwa really have exploded in the middle of a show and gotten herself kicked out? Probably not.
    However, judging by her reaction now, it seems like she just couldn't take it anymore. I am still of the belief that maybe the T-ara members might have intended for Hwa to feel bad through their actions (but not to the extent some antis would paint, they're not sadistic monsters), but either way it doesn't matter. Hwayoung was bullied because she suffered during her time in the group.
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    Grimlock reacted to UekiKousuke in [12.07.31] T-ara to temporarily halt activities   
    Don't worry T-ara... Ignore the haters... Real Queens are always there for you... Humans make mistakes... The most important thing is to bounce back... Take a break and come back stronger! When the time arrives, our love for T-ara will also be stronger!
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    Grimlock reacted to Collar McPoppins in [12.07.31] Kim Kwangsoo, "Hwayoung and Hyoyoung's parents understand my decision"   
    what exactly did hwayoung do? what makes her arrogant and selfish?
    what theories about hwayoung do you believe but are so quick to dismiss theories about other members?
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    Grimlock reacted to Collar McPoppins in [12.07.31] T-ara to temporarily halt activities   
    dear KKS. if your next news announcement about t-ara isnt "hwayoung is back" then keep your mouth shut. we dont care about these trivial updates about the drama. we care about t-ara being whole. so make it happen or go away.
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    Grimlock reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    @Scatter -
    LOL, yeah I usually don't participate as much, I keep my opinion to myself But this is pretty, uh, compelling.
    I admit I don't quite understand why Hwa was added in the first place, so I can understand where you're coming from. But still, as you say, I can't fully accept it as an explanation, not for such a long time. I guess I'm just one of /those/ people who try to act friendly (yep, act...I'm kinda fake I suppose xD), but it seems like common etiquette to me to at least try and make the best of a situation. Not saying it's something every one can do, though.
    Also I'd like to defend Hwayoung by saying I think she's the best rapper in T-ara, and that she's definitely proved herself with time.
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    Grimlock got a reaction from MK808 in [12.07.31] Core Contents Media answers "What will happen to 5dolls Hyoyoung?"   
    CCM is not dumb. A bit but not totally over the edge anyway. They're keeping Hyoyoung as a bit of leverage. It's much easier to control and discipline someone if they are an employee under a binding contract. By kicking Hwayoung out, it temporarily "solves" the problem but Hyoyoung is the life insurance. If KKS fired both Hwayoung and Hyoyoung, he would have no leverage and they would be free to talk as they want. While the situation might be reversed, that Hyoyoung is one of the more popular members in her group, she may face some icey attitudes and situations from the higher ups. It wouldn't be surprising that Hwayoung left on KKS' terms...to keep her mouth shut and take the media beating as it is dished by CCM. I feel so bad for Hwayoung, Hyoyoung and their parents. As a sign of respect, they have to take sht from the employers, esp ones who made their daughters famous and gave them a chance. Korean culture FTL I guess.
    Just my opinion, but I worked a lot for big companies who have their share of issues but did not let the damage get this out of control. Same sht, different pile
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    Grimlock reacted to maknae23 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    I'm especially curious too as to why people think that the bullying DID OCCUR. I don't know but even some of the longer fans seem to think that the bullying took place. I might be delusional and blind but please do enlighten me more on why did you think that there's bullying. Okay klee and grimlock who are longer fans than me just posted above me.
    So I'm going to comment based on my perspective. Urgh it feels so hard to disagree with one of my favourite writers in this forum. First of all, sorry klee if I'll offend you with my post. I think I'm going to repeat myself again. You mentioned about looking at the 5 members of T-ara's tweets and also the tweets by Hwayoung, Hyoyoung, the coach and also the PDs. To be honest, when I looked at the tweets by T-ara, I seriously don't see any harm at all. Maybe they were pissed but did you consider all the stress that they had been through when Hwayoung was injured? I know it's not Hwayoung's fault to get injured but idols are human as well. You practised so freaking hard for a concert and then suddenly someone got injured, wouldn't you be stressed out that you need to practise all the formations again and also remember her parts? In Eunjung and Jiyeon's case, won't you ever think that if you are them, you'll go "Hey, I was injured, I forced myself to perform even if I was in pain and why is Hwayoung given a special treatment"? I know it's their responsibility to be understanding towards their group members but when you are tired, when you are stress and then something unfortunate happens, won't you be angry although you know that the injury is not Hwayoung's fault.
    But irregardless of all these, all of them are at fault. (okay, I'm starting to judge them now) Hyomin shouldn't have tweeted and all of them (except Qri) shouldn't have replied her and Hwayoung and Hyoyoung shouldn't have bothered or got offended by the tweets cause again if you LOOK back at those tweets, they were either meant as a reminder, an advice or an encouragement (at least for me). Hwayoung by no means (or maybe she couldn't stand it anymore) got offended and started all the drama. I'm not trying to put all the blame on Hwayoung cause I don't deny the fact that she MIGHT be the victim. After the bullying rumours started, everybody started to shut up and stopped tweeting, Tom and Jerry deleted their tweets (suspicious huh?) while Hwayoung continued to make the drama worse. Was she planning to ruin T-ara at the first place since she knew that her time will soon be over? Judge it yourself.
    Well, coming back to the issue of bullying again, of course bullying includes isolating and ignoring someone but I'm going to repeat myself again. Klee mentioned about "the sheer fact that we can observe 6Ara being less than comfortable/flat out awkward with Hwayoung tells A LOT." Isn't this perfectly normal? They are 6 friends who have been together all the time since debut. they faced all the stupid scandals together, they stayed together and performed together and they thought 6 was PERFECT but then one day POOF someone came in their group. They must be wondering why must they have an "extra" person when they are already a perfect combination and I believe that most of you previously thought that Hwayoung was a useless addition. If you thought that Hwayoung was a useless addition, how would you think the members themselves will feel? Of course, there will be a bit of jealousy, confusion and anger. And worst of all, you need to divide the hard-earned money that you have with another new member (especially EunJiMin). Then they try to "accept" her in the group but maybe they just can't click with her for some reasons thus resulting in the so call "isolating and ignoring" issue.
    I am Ji stan and I do admit that she looks b!tchy at times and seem to have some attitude problems. But I don't blame her actually. Call me bias and delusional but I know in a group of girls, there will be cat fights, hair pulling and some b!tching going around. Trust me I am girl. What I want to say is I don't deny the fact that bullying MIGHT have taken place but for me, I still believe in them and if the bullying did take place, all of them did it for some reason that cannot be avoided. Again, call me delusional, bias, blind, ignorant whatsoever, I will never ever believe especially Soyeon will do such thing unless she admits it herself.
    And one more thing. I don't believe in whatever nonsense that came out from KKS's mouth. I don't believe in that bullying case and neither do I believe that Hwayoung has princess-like attitude. This huge mess was just a misunderstanding by both parties and it was made worst by KKS whom I think has the intention of punishing them by breaking T-ara apart. I hope all of them will have the strong will to go against KKS and spill out the truth behind all these nonsense. I'll accept the truth even though it hurts. I just want the truth that's all.
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    Grimlock got a reaction from deedeeduck in [12.07.31] T-ara's Soyeon will not attend "Haeundae Lovers" press conference tomorrow   
    It's frustrating why KKS won't let the girls clear the air. They're being attacked left and right and he's letting them take it. By the time he lets them, the negative feelings people have for the girls will be set in stone.
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    Grimlock reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Is this wrong?   
    Do I advocate it? No.
    Is it wrong? No. It's their property, they can do what they want with it. I mean, it's completely stupid because it helps nobody and you're wasting your money, but if you like \o/
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    Grimlock got a reaction from klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    In a group setting, people can be a little relentless. We don't actually mean it...we're in company of people we like. But we don't want things to be all rainbows and unicorns, you know? And no they might not have realized it. Until someone pulls me aside and says "look...what you said really bothered me" I'll assume it was brushed off. But I don't make it a habit to bust anyone's balls either.
    People have to realize THIS is how girls bully, behind backs and with indirect/passive/sarcastic jabs. Simply put they're catty. The vibe with passive insults is that the person feels he/she is higher than the victim to be insulting them directly. Unconsciously they want to avoid direct confrontation and have a safety net of "oh you're taking it the wrong way". Up to you to apply this mindset to the Twitter debacle, but this is just a general concept.
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    Grimlock got a reaction from sacrod in [12.07.31] T-ara's Soyeon will not attend "Haeundae Lovers" press conference tomorrow   
    It's frustrating why KKS won't let the girls clear the air. They're being attacked left and right and he's letting them take it. By the time he lets them, the negative feelings people have for the girls will be set in stone.
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    Grimlock reacted to klee95 in [12.07.31] T-ara's agency, "We will take legal action against creators of back-up dancer and trainee posts"   
    Stopped reading there. Cool story bro, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but that is the biggest pile of shi-
    On the other hand, most of these articles are indeed pretty stupid. It's like people just have way too much time on their hands and have to make up stories to make themselves feel better, because they know something we didn't.
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    Grimlock reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    I agree completely; a lot of people are of the belief that bullying can only be physical, like the rest of the members actually hitting Hwayoung - but saying negative things is just the same.
    But I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you think T-ara might not have realized they were giving Hwayoung so much stress? That seems to make sense, and I'd obviously like to think the best of them; but over a span of two years, they didn't realize it?
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    Grimlock got a reaction from klee95 in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    People can say and imply negative things and actually mean it or not. Doesn't matter if the person didn't intend harm. But it's how the person receives it. If the person gets offended, regardless of intent or not...that's bullying. So yes, we're still unclear what intentions the girls had but all that matters it resulted in Hwayoung being upset. This is how cliques of females act...only this time the clique is a popular Kpop group.
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