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  1. Soyeon's my bias from T-ara!!! I always wanted her to be in a drama ^^ I am really anticipating for her role in the drama, I have no doubt that she ahs amazing acting skills. I hope she gets bigger..and main roles in the future
  2. Soyeon looks prettier and younger in this hairstyle ^^ Hyomin also looks good ^^ T-ara hwaiting
  3. Daebaek~~~ I hope roly poly does better and t-ara rises to the top in Japan too
  4. Seungho looking at Soyeon again
  5. Wahh Soyeon ah daebaek, I think Soyeon knows that Jangwoo is a bit of a perv
  6. Whats the name of the song in Cam2?? I heard it but I can't remember T-ara Hyomin + Soyeon and Seeya Boram's Coffee over Milk, I love this song ^^
  7. I am going to try it as well, t-ara's only got 11.1% votes
  8. ALREADY VOTED~~ HOPE THEY WIN, last week they were really low on votes
  9. Please go and see it at the LOENT one so everyone can see + the views can get bigger on one video rather than lots of videos and smaller looking views
  10. Hipe they win a mutizen award and so on after for lovey dovey....they got their first award on new yearz day too so it would be amazing for them to win an award again on the 1st of Jan
  11. Jiyeon unnie...my 2 biases in t-ara: Jiyeon and Soyeon, the yeon sisters ...too bad Eunjung's missing the event, hope the t-ara members get some rest after
  12. CCM are deciding whether or not to promote this song for the fans as it is coming in the top 3 and as number 1 in most charts..
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