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  1. It has been a long time since we've met. Are you well? I've missed you.

  2. KKS really couldn't have done this sooner. Everything happened very quickly. He had to make sure the stories were fake first before suing or he could be counter sued. Yeah it sucks, but that it's life. T-ara will be ok if we continue too show support.
  3. Kks is such a good CEO. Hope he has much more success in the future.
  4. It's funny. When twin apologized everyone said it was not an admittance of guilt, when it clearly was. EJ says sorry on her personal fan page, and y'all start saying she's admitting guilt, when she's really just telling her fans she's sorry they have to go through this with her. This is the problem with thinking you have intelligence when you are a teenager.
  5. KKS is so thoughtful for letting us all know. We should start a donation drive to get him some nice flowers and gifts. I really hope everyone can work for as good a boss as KKS someday.
  6. You can still live 7-ara, at least into Dani joins in a few months, then it well be McCall to 8-ara
  7. *in the group and Thea are just filter words so the weird Nazi filter will let me post
  8. Crap! Don't let her back into T-ara! We just finally got rid of her.she should never have been I'm threw group.
  9. Hopefully it's just twin getting kicked out for being lazy and not caring about the other members and fans. Her lack of respect and dedication is abhorrent.
  10. KKS is a genius! This will help T-ara become more dynamic and competitive for the growing Kpop scene. Well done sir.
  11. Get over yourselves. None of you know what's going to change yet, and no group id specifically tied to a specific set of members. Y'all need to untwist your panties and accept that just because you are used to something means it should stay that way forever. I'm good at playing the anachronistic fool, but in reality I accept that much in this world is beyond my control and I have to change with it. Chill out and wait till you actually know what's going on before you start the tween righteous indignation meme...
  12. yay djs, just wanna say hello, kkkk

  13. welcome to the forum!

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