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  1. can u subbing hyomin in sebakwi and starry night...

  2. I've seen your Youtube project thread and I'm a bit interested to request. Is it okay? ^^

  3. sorry fellas REAAAAAAAAAAlly busy right now - got 5 mid sems next weeks ><

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      Thats why I haven't seen you on in months

  4. Won't be able to do as much for the next week or two - mid sems are here

  5. T-ara's Soyeon, A doll like face, the biggest eyes of any girl group? On the 19th, Soyeon directly revealed a pre-performance photo through her Twitter. Soyeon's eyes, close to the camera, seem to make up half of her face. Combined with the additional make-up and the pouting lip Soyeon's cuteness seems to be inspiring attention. Netizens who saw the photo commented "Looks just like a doll", "I just want to take a bite out of her" and "A loving beauty, I want to hug her." *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com
  6. IU, Yoo In Na and T-ara's Jiyeon have transformed into Miss-A On SBS's 'Sunday is Good 2', IU, Yoo In Na and Jiyeon recorded 'Heroes' for the Air Force's 20th Fighter Wing. The three girls performed 'Bad Girl Good Girl' on stage after 1 month of practice, preparing for the show with the appropriate Miss-A costumes. Beginning with some cheerleading choreography, the three girls liberally revealed their sexy moves to the delight of the soldiers. IU thanked the crowd, reffering to them as "오빠들" The '30 year old team' consisting of Lee Jin, Shin Bong Seong and Jeong Ga Eun, ventured into Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' dance. Suprisingly, due to the sharp choreography, Seo In Yong received praise Lee Jin, usually known for her stiff body movements managed to gather the attention of the soldiers - showing a great performance - better than that during practice. No Sa Yeon and Ga Huei transformed into Son Dambi, suprising the crowd with their 'Queen' rendition. No Sa Yeon imitated Son Dambi's mannerisms perfectly. *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com
  7. Overwhelming opposition to the abolishment of Heroes!!! The topic of SBS's variety program "Sunday is Good 2" (the 'Heroes' corner) has received overwhelming attention in regards to it's abolishment. Recently, it was released that Heroes would finish at the end of April. It was notified to the crew that this would be the last recording session. Viewers of the show revealed an overwhelming opposition to the abolishment of the Heroes Heroes has been debated furiously by show guests over the internet, some in favor of its abolishment and some apposed. Those in favor of the abolishment of Heroes seem to be over 50%. While it is natural to abolish a show that gathers no ratings, some say that this must be looked upon in a business perspective. However, most netizens seem to be against the abolishment of Heroes. Netizens commented "They say Heroes is being canceled ㅠ.ㅠ then... Where can I see my female stars..ㅠㅠ They've taken away the hope of 600,000 people", "Why are they canceling Heroes? Do they know how much fun I have with that show?", "There seem to be flaws with the audience rating survey method" *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com
  8. Kim Ji Won, Kim Tae Hee resemblance discussion. Is 'Jiyeon & Ho Lee Jae' a matchup? Doppelgangers of actress Kim Tae Hee have been appearing numerously. One select instance is the resemblance between Kim Tae Hee and Kim Ji Won - one of which has been gathering quite some attention Kim Ji Won on the 15th, during the premiere of 'Romantic Heaven' was seen to have a stark resemblance with Kim Tae Hee which drew attention. Kim Ji Won's big eyes, narrow oval face, distinct features seem to the culprit of this resemblance. Kim Ji Won, through 오란씨걸 (Oh-Ran-Shi-Geol) and 뚜레주르's (Ddu-Rae-Ju-Reu) CF, managed to show her face to the public On the other hand, as with Kim Tae Hee's popularity, there are many other stars who share this resemblance Firstly, the protagonist of this story is T-ara member Jiyeon. Even before debut, there were countless topics regarding her as the 'Number 2 Kim Tae Hee' A small face, a white complexion and big eyes all serve to resemble Kim Tae Hee. However, a large amount of netizens have commented that this is unreasonable, and have denounced the resemblance. In addition to Jiyeon, actress Heo-Lee-Jae is attracting attention. Heo-Lee-Jae also had a similar experience to Jiyeon pre-debut, having been said to resemble Kim Tae Hee. *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com
  9. [11.03.15] Heroes is really abolished... IU say's to Jiyeon "We won't be able to meet every week" The topic regarding the abolishment of 'Heroes' has begun to emerge. This was the 14th episode of MBC's 'Come and Play' where the theme included 1993 (birth year) female idols in high school. In this episode, IU said to T-ara's Jiyeon "I'm scared that we'll stray apart if we stop seeing each other after having seen you every week." Although SBS's 'Sunday is Good - Heroes' hasn't been confirmed. Heroes has a unique combination of IU and Jiyeon that cannot be matched. Also, since the 9th, the abolition opinion of Heroes has been underway. Some netizens have commented "In the end I think the abolition isn't going to go through", "It's not IU or Jiyeon who are asking to have it stopped." Following, the 'Heroes' crew has stated their position "Nothing has been decided" Meanwhile, Heroes, since last July has been proceded by 이휘재 (Lee Hui Jae), who has undertaken: 노사연 (No Sa Yeon), 필두로 (Pil Doo Ro), 서인영 (So In Young), 가희 (Ga Huei) and 유인나 (Yoo In Na) in a varitey of entertaining programs. *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem.com
  10. 5dolls collaboration, "Thankful, but sad" The 5 member girl group '5dolls' while being thankful to T-ara for their joint stage appearance, have revealed that they had an inconvenient/sad/lack-luster experience. The group revealed this information in a recent interview with Joy News 24. T-ara, being in the same agency as 5dolls, succeeded their performance '너 말이야' (It's You), gaining attention for the joint event. 5dolls, being a girl group in the same agency have been compared with T-ara ever since their debut. To this topic, 5dolls replied "In reality, T-ara are our competitors. When we go up stage they advise us how to look good on camera, how to make the appropriate gestures - they teach us a lot," whilst saying, "even this collaboration was due to the T-ara seniors saying 'How would it be to do a special stage?'" Following, 5dolls said "'It's You' is our song, but because we are amateurs and greedy, we're thankful that the T-ara seniors came up with us - there was a good reaction." Continuing with their statement, "It feels like we're losing a chance to stand up for ourselves and so that's why we feel inconvenienced/sad." 5dolls said, "It's our debut single, we should have shown our own personality, so I'm sad. I'm truthfully a bit sad. It seems that we'll have to put our name out to the public more." Continuing, "I wonder what it would be like to stand up on T-ara's stage. If T-ara puts out an album, I hope there will be a day when we are able to pay back the favor." 5dolls are actively debuting with their debut single 'It's You'. 5dolls said, "While it looks like we've gotten some recognition, our chart expectations are still lacking. We need to work harder" - following - "This years goal is the amateur/rookie awards. We believe that if we receive the award that we couldn't receive whilst in Coed, our feelings will be renewed. We will try our best to get a good result for our activities." *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem Note: Pictures related to the news topic are allowed to be posted below
  11. T-ara Hyomin, Self-shot inside the aeroplane! 'Doll-like' beauty On the 14th Hyomin tweeted "I've come back from Thailand safely/well... But is it because of my clothes? I slept really well" - whilst uploading a picture. Inside the photo Hyomin is seen to be wearing the infamous 'Polka-dot' T-shirt, putting on white headphones and maintaining her clear complexion with a cute expression - which she displays quite proudly. Netizens who saw the photo commented "It's pleasing", "This self-camera is pleasing to the eye", "She's pretty even inside the plane", "Definately no one can follow Hyomin's fashion sense" and "Her complexion is so good" - revealing positive attitudes towards the image. Meanwhile, the opening of the MBC '50th anniversary of Hallyu' (at Thailand, Bangkok, The Raja Network Gala National Stadium) was celebrated by DBSK, SNSD and T-ara on the 12th. *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem Note: Pictures below are media sources found AFTER the date of article publication
  12. hehe thanks : ) romanisations always put me off also - The main topic was more about the MBLAQ member, which was pretty damn annoying so I took out everything that was about him and just concentrated on Jiyeon As a result the topic title didn't make much sense - so I had to alter it : )
  13. Korea's best actor/idol, T-ara member Jiyeon and MBLAQ's Lee Jun (이준) MBLAQ's Lee Jun with the role of Gnomeo! T-ara's Jiyeon with the role of Juliet! "Gnomeo and Juliet" Seems to have given a good impression with rumors blazing about the movie, having hit number 1 at the American box office 3 weeks after its release. The topic of dubbing has been a hot issue concerning this movie, with MBLAQ's Lee Jun (who previously debuted in Hollywood with his acting skils) and T-ara's "Actor/Idol" Jiyeon playing the lead roles. These stars, riding along with the backs of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt have been cast to play the male/female roles of Gnomeo and Juliet respectively. It seems as though the two will bring the worldwide heat for the movie to Korea. *** Source: T-arafan Written by: - Translated by: LegendaryLvl1 @ TiaraDiadem Note: Pictures related to the news topic are allowed to be posted below
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