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  1. T-ara coming back!! YEAH 80s concept. yay!! i liked that Travolta movie, his dancing was great also. plus the Bee Gees are amazing im expecting alot out of this. T-ara Fighting!!
  2. Eunjung so brave, she walked out in the public like that haha. T-ara i miss you.
  3. Everytime i read something about T-ara or any member, i get goosebumps of joy. lol It's nice to know, they have their own things to do besides T-ara, but i hope they rest up well too and i hope to see them all again soon! T-ara Fighting!
  4. AWWWWWW YEAH!! That's what i'm talking about!! The world is recognizing, T-ara are the pearls and diamonds. Proud of them. T-ara Fighting!.
  5. Mirror mirror on a stick, whos the beauty putting on lipstick?!! haha Soyeon, so pro, finds ways to keep herself well-groomed.
  6. i'm going to watch this for sure. starting where Eunjung starts to appear. ill just wikipedia about the king and stuff, dont wanna spend 60hrs to catch up on the plot. its nice to see Qri getting some roles, hopefully we'll see more of the other members having projects in the future. Qri, Eunjung and T-ara fighting!
  7. Good Job Eunjung, you make me proud to be a T-ara fan. Give it your all, again. But don't get over-worked Eunjung and T-ara fighting.
  8. oooo pretty Ryu Twins!!. Hyoyoung on the left and Hwayoung on the right? I almost couldnt tell them apart.
  9. Yay more Eunjung to watch. Gonna look forward to this.
  10. This is probably one of the top 1000 best things i've ever seen in my 21 years on this Earth. They all look so great. T-ara kills CFs.
  11. YEAAAHHHH Soyeon. You are definitely a doll, and so is the rest of T-ara. Good luck with your movie you are filming. Soyeon and T-ara Fighting!
  12. Wow, this is nuts. I'm totally digging thism i wanna play too, haha. well done T-ara, Good Luck in the future. T-ara Fighting.
  13. Props to the person who took these photos and shared the m with us, Thanks. The girls look amazing as usual, i am glad that all 7 performed on stage again haha, T-ara must've killed the performances, T-ara GO!
  14. wow, woke up so late, she must be very tired because of her busy schedule. i hope she and the other T-ara members have a good break from promoting. T-ara Fighting.
  15. Every second of these perfs are gonna be worth watching. T-ara and 5Dolls Fighting!
  16. OH DAMN. NO WAY. I'm liking the collabs CCM does with their groups. Wish it was all the T-ara members though, itd be so cool if the RYU twins performing together atleast once haha. Hopefully in the future. PLEASE.
  17. Holy. Thanks for the upload. Miss Eunjung though, but the girls look amazing. T-ara Fighting
  18. DAMN. Eunjung can pull off any look. What a hottie. Too bad she isnt a naughty girl, or is she? haha T-ara Fighting.
  19. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Girl!!!m damn this song stuck in my head. anyways Hyomin Fighting, dont disappear. T-ara Fighting!
  20. Hyomin is a beauty, and so are all the T-ara members. Can't wait for their new song, i want them to make an MV lol.
  21. Formalities is such a big issue in Korea, i kinda wish it was like that here in Canada haha. i hope Hyomin doesnt get haters lol.
  22. I can not wait for this song. its gonna be Legendary!! T-ara Fighting!
  23. Professionals at its best. Way to go T-ara for handling this mishap like a professional. Luckily there was any MAJOR thing that happened, would've been dreadful. Guess the girls need new outfits for those mics with no receivers in the future. Congrats girls for a performance well done. T-ara Go!
  24. Well atleast she got permission from the composer and agency, but kinda wish there was a mention that it was a remake of T-ara's song. Seems like everyone like the BoPeep Tune haha. too bad it wasn't T-ara's version. but im sure, since the fans of T-ara that are making a fuss about it, it'll spread that the thai version isn't the original and T-ara will get recognition in another way. T-ara Fighting.
  25. This CEO is a beast, he is very optimistic at what he wants for the girls. He planned not just to make singers out of the people he has chosen to be in his company but to broaden their talents for their future. I want to see the whole T-ara members do a show together haha. Great work sir, you have done well. Core Contents Media Fighting!
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