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    I ♥ T-Ara
    I ♥ 지연
    I ♥ Korean Song
    I ♥ Korean Drama
    I ♥ Korean Variety Show

    I wish I could go to South Korea to see T-Ara
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  1. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you-hoooooo~ Happy birthday to you! All the best in life and enjoy your day!!! :D

  2. LOL!! Her cardigan looks so funny...Hyomin and Eunjung is pretty active in twitter, I'm really happy...
  3. I miss her long hair, she's really looked so innocent there but still beautiful....
  4. yayy!! hooray!! another uploaded pictures...I really like this T-ara dot com's pictures!! They look so cute!! >.< so adorable..
  5. blue, yellow and pink...three of them are so cute...... I will print out this calender soon!! yay!! It's also stated Valentine's Day there!! LOL!!
  6. Nice pictures!!! She's so pretty and adorable!! I like it... I am so glad that she has back with her twitter... I'm waiting for her next tweet... ^^
  7. Hyomin..... T_T We "Diadems" will stand for Hyomin...please noona, don't think negatively!! Hyomin is a strong girl, right? Everyone loves her... If some people said rude about you, don't care about it.. think of us, who will always support you when you down..
  8. yeah!! Hyomin really looks so beautiful here.. Only by looking at the teaser, I can see a feminine site of Hyomin.. It's so DAEBAK!!
  9. awww...Jiyeon is so cute on the pictures.. I can't wait to see this episode of Heroes..
  10. tomorrow is 10th...I really want to listen to their new song.. It must be so great, especially Hyomin who was praised by Brave Brothers... T-ARA forever!!
  11. Hyomin she looks so cute in these picture... The picture where she's with Seungri is so great... I wanna watch this King of Idols... >.<
  12. yes!! I like Jiyeon's style...She looks great.. No Eunjung?? she must be busy on her drama.. wish for the best to all members of T-ARA!! Hwaiting!! ^^
  13. EunJung looks so scary but still beautiful...I just don't like her hair style, don't suit on her.. I'm gonna watch this episode, I'm eager to see her dance..
  14. awww.....EunJung and Suzy are so cute.... I like these 3 girls, they have different hair style among each other.. So Great!!
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