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  1. yey! so happy that the 3 unnies will have their turn now. i will finally see Soyeon (my favorite) again! i hope the song is not the cutesy type.
  2. the dance break was sexy but it was in the dark... the crowd is so silent. if i was there i would scream at the top of my lungs. ♥SOYEON♥
  3. i wish they will have a showcase in the Philippines too. i'm so freaking jealous! i want to see them! Lucky fans.
  4. i think it's okay for them to celebrate it in Malaysia because they are more welcome there than in Korea. Stupid knetizens! (yes i'm still bitter)
  5. how ironic that other Asian countries accept them and love them but some Koreans don't want them. i hope they will have a successful solo concert in Korea too. ) and yes PHILIPPINES please! but next year not now. still recovering from operation.
  6. i'm really seeing the ugly side of Koreans here. so immature and small minded. i hope they did not take in the heart. if they will come to my country it will be all cheers and smiles!! i hope the HK showcase will be a success! T-ARA FIGHTING!
  7. i thought mirage is T_ARA's album??! what the hell happened with the song DAY AND NIGHT??! "The song is a sad ballad with a stunning rap part." there's no "stunning" rap anymore unless it's HWAYOUNG. Areum and the others who will sing DAY AND NIGHT should just form a new group together with dani. i want 7-ara back! but i'm still positive with an all kill of SEXY LOVE!! can't wait!! SOYEON will be in the mv even though she looks like just some dj or whatever she's doing. )
  8. this is going to top the charts!! this is going to be great!! i think there are many versions of the mv... i want the continuation of the Day by Day mv. )
  9. Hwa, we will also wait for you. whether in another company or in T-ARA. i think t-ara should stand up against KKS and also the staff members and fight against him!!
  10. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? WHYYYYYYYYY? maybe Hwayoung knows that fans and antis can't be deceive by this. we all know KKS is EVIL!! E.V.I.L. EVIL!!
  11. this is the proof that this xxxx is all KKS plot to have people's eyes on T-ARA! i hope he has a clever plan to regain all those "fans". i think Hwayoung will rejoin, damn i even think that her contract was not terminated!
  12. i never trusted a thing that KKS said in his press releases! STUPID CEO!
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