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  1. ^ BuskerBusker is an Epic Indie Band on korea with a nice songs, plus they're from Superstar K3.
  2. Haha, it was a good idea to replace jiyeon with eunjung, shes very athletic
  3. the style here really look likes from the the Cry Cry perf
  4. wow MVP! so happy for them, but they both look tired :/
  5. thank you so much for the download links!! T-ara are so beautiful all ^___^
  6. i Think shes really an elf disguising as a Human O.O
  7. i must make myself to believe that the tattoo artist is gay :/
  8. Goddesses in black outfits...so pretty! stay health to all T-ara member!!!
  9. looking back at this, after the fan meet, i think shes really innocent o.o
  10. man, the skin tone difference of ahreum and hyorin o.o
  11. i can't watch it without subb but still thank you for sharing..
  12. Why i wasnt born in korea T,T I wish I was here TT.TT
  13. Hopefully stuff like this reaches the hands of T-ara's management and they decide to tour anywhere like YG, SM does.
  14. Seems like the cameramen and production crew loved Jiyeon in the summer special stage....
  15. Lovely them as always, but where are the others?.. i guess thats the price of not having a dorm now.
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