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  1. hopefully diadem sub this show, please diadem sub team i wanna see dorky side our jiyeon
  2. where is indonesia?? my god really looking forward it
  3. this becuase of KKS and CCM who doesn't handle T-ara's bullying controversy,they are not profesional agency poor my baby jiyeon and eunjung
  4. get weel soon soyeon. at least she get 1 day for rest and for full recovered from the accident
  5. the reporter just so mehh -__- eunjung look so tired and sad proud to see the attitude of the PD SBS and MBC who had control over the situation in order to feel comfortable Hyomin and Eunjung at press conference, I hope the drama of Eunjung gets a high rating
  6. he knows t-ara better than the netizen, then I would believe what he says than netizens who only dare in front of the computer our girls t-ara hwaiting always support you
  7. Hyomin pity, she was feeling depressed due to this problem t-ara member in trouble due to problems caused by misunderstanding of the bully by netizen she cried and we wept as the queen's be strong t-ara queen's always with t-ara
  8. just go rest more soyeon noona You have to prioritize our health will always support you from now and forever
  9. today hyomin will attend this press conference so she is the 1st t-ara member appeared in public hope everything alright, hyomin fighting queen's always beside t-ara
  10. im already miss them so much so i anticipated this comeback even without our rapper hwayoung.. but with soyeon accident i think this comeback will be delayed
  11. get well son soyeon noona her drama also canceled lets pray for her
  12. congratulate to my queen t-ara pround to be queen's t-ara still my no.1 girl group forever,i like other girl group but i don't buy they album or accessories say hello to queen's around the world
  13. new 7-girl group??shannon william will be include in this project new girls group?? and who is lee boram??
  14. hyomin better looks with short hair anyone can upload videos perform this? or anyone have a download link ??
  15. aahh~ itu post lama kan? iya, pasti kita upgrade dr ipb 2 ke 3 & gallery nya juga, link nya kayak ke acak gitu. km search aj di gallery, masih ad kok.

    btw ini link nya :

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