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  1. The posters are amazing, but I wish the other members had their faces on it D:
  2. I love this. They are trying to prove themselves to be on top like any other top girl groups: SNSD, Wonder Girls, etc. I love this confidence they have and you never know until you try. I am pretty sure they have what it takes to compete against them. I wish they will remain healthy throughout the comeback. Best wishes to all of them. They will always be #1 to me
  3. Soyeon unni! She's so flawless here! As always her eyes are pretty. T-ara hwaiting~~~
  4. I am so proud of my girls! They totally deserve the spotlight! can't wait for their comeback stage! Soyeon couldn't be anywhere without looking at some type of mirror in the video! LOL love her<3
  5. soyeon so cute ! bumblebeeee
  6. OMO! They're so adorable! They can pull off any look: sexy, cute, retro, etc! Can't wait to see all of the pictures. I bet they're comeback will be awesome~~
  7. Who is the group standing next to T-ara?
  8. They all look so flawless! How pretty. The pictures are soo clear! I like Soyeon's skirt during the rehearsal!
  9. LOL Pretty hilarious. I'm glad Eunjung was able to laugh at it as well. But from my perspective, I could hardly tell there was anything wrong with her make up. OH WELL
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