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  1. no one was under the impression t-ara was giving up. that wasnt on anyones minds until you said something. and in another interview you said this solo endeavor was totally separate from your t-ara promotions. that this jiyeon was different than t-ara jiyeon. and by going solo that doesnt really help send the message t-ara isnt giving up btw. (not that i believe you are but do the math.) so are you doing this to establish a new image for jiyeon or an image that t-ara is together forever (by yourself) make up your mind girlfriend!
  2. there is more than one perspective which i kindly pointed out. there are people out there like me, who take a degree of offense to being pitied or something. so if you want to respect the families, respect them all. not just one. but pleasing everyone is next to impossible isnt it? if anything, you could put a disclaimer on the video. or make a censored version. i know this incident isnt about me, i never said it was. but there was a time it was about me (so they said) as i was one of the families they thought they were respecting. i was just sharing a similar experience. not everyone needs or wants to be protected. dont tell me what i should or shouldnt see and use my deceased family as an excuse why. thats my perspective and im sure there are many others who have the same one as me. i know that perspective isnt the only one. it may not be the most popular either. but that doesnt mean it is any more or less important than any other. sorry if i was misunderstood. i did not mean to sound disrespectful. i did not wish to argue with anyone either. not fellow t-ara fans and not over a tragedy.
  3. i never understood this sort of thing. how is someone dumping water on themselves controversial. i dont see how it relates to anything. yes i understand there was a tragedy in south korea. its a horrible event. my thoughts and prayers to everyone. but even so. i remember when i lost family when the world trade centers collapsed on 9/11. and they did the same thing back then. they removed songs from air waves that may "remind" people of that event. they removed the twin towers from the spider man trailers at the time. (just throwing an example out there) none of it bothered me. none of those images made me feel bad. because if you live through something like that, its always going to be with you. whether you see it on TV (anywhere) or hear about it. and you cant hide from those things. you cant live the rest of your life hiding from images or things related to that event. i understand the mindset to be respectful, but really, you putting all that effort into protecting me from seeing and hearing things you thought i wouldnt want to see or hear, didnt help me at all. just because i didnt see the twin towers in a spider man movie didnt make me forget. just like seeing the twin towers in a picture i have in my house didnt make me break down in anxiety either. thank you for the thought, but you know, just not worth the effort. you spent all that time working hard on your art. i say keep it in. dont ruin your work because of me. dont let me be the reason you cripple your work. if anything its offensive to me, to say im the reason you changed your art. just another perspective to take into account. and i dont understand why this article is so cryptic. just say who it is.
  4. 3 months too late IMO. i know KKS was the reason they had to keep quiet and all so im not mad at t-ara. just sucks they have to deal with his blowback. sucks they have to feel the pain that kks caused.
  5. yea im still waiting for the concert you cancelled in america to be rescheduled. cancel the concert, remove one of ur best members and never announce a make up date. thanks for ruining my only chance to see 7-ara and thank you one more time, CCM, for being so great at pleasing your fans. (dull)
  6. you better decline! look what happened to hwayoung for "acting like a top star!" u better not accept that treatment or KKS has you out that door in a heartbeat!
  7. how would photos from months ago give people the impression that hwayoung was back? and speculate rumors? and even if it did somehow get peopel to thikn such a crazy thing, you make it sound like hwayoung coming back is a bad thing or impossible when KKS himself said in the future hwayoung could rejoin. and please tell me how not adding hwayoung in the book will not make antis speak up when they thrive on hwayoung being bullied and excluded. which is exactly whats going on. if anything its just making it worse. keep defending KKS and CCMs dictator behavior. thats exactly what he wants. Point is the album contains hwayoungs vocals, not having her in the album art is just stupid. she was a member during the time the tracks were made, and helped them get to the top. excluding her for any reason is not acceptable. period.
  8. i was gona get this, until i found out all pics that contain hwayoung are editted to not show her or shes not pictured at all. another sorry attempt by CCM and KKS to try to get the puppets to forget she ever existed and was with t-ara and helped them to get where they were. erase all the memories! even the good ones! (evil KKS laugh)
  9. boo hoo hoo. stop crying. this is exactly what i talked about in another post. t-ara fans will blindly stick up for t-ara and thats exactly what KKS wants. he expects all the fans to love t-ara no matter what. i said it before ill say it again. i will not support KKS, and if that means i have to also not support t-ara in the process i am willing to do that. i will not purchase or watch anything t-ara without hwayoung involved. and again if it is revealed hwayoung doesnt want to come back to t-ara (which i couldnt blame her after all this) then i will have no problem accepting it. cant say id still feel the same way about t-ara or comfortable supporting them meaning that money is going to the poopface KKS. KKS damaged t-ara and is unwilling to admit fault and take the steps needed to fix it. take a stand and save t-ara. dont sit back and let KKS win. HWAYOUNG FOREVER
  10. stop blaming netizens for t-aras misfortune. this has everything to do with KKS and his poor decision making. removing hwayoung from the group was a terrible choice and everything that unfolded because of it is what they call JUSTICE. (or karma) its just a shame t-ara and the people close to them have to suffer as well. KKS wants the fans (And everyone else) to just forget what happened. remove hwayoung, fill her role with someone else and just continue on like its no big deal and that a key member being removed wont have any backlash on t-ara. that sends thee mssage that the members are easily replaceable. not just hwayoung, any of them. imagine how the others feel. why do you think soyeon was all "OMG I CANT NOT FILM MY DRAMA EVEN AFTER I ALMOST BROKE MY NECK!!" she cant look lazy in front of KKS. she must work no matter what! but u also cant expect fans to just be like "ok hwayoung is gone, whatever". and if you do have that mentality, you are just eating out of KKS hands like a puppet. sure u want to support t-ara and all that. but by mindlessly supporting t-ara you are also hurting t-ara by supporting KKS and his dictatorship. fans, netizens anyone need to stand up to KKS and show him his actions were wrong. i will not support KKS, and if that means i have to also not support t-ara in the process i am willing to do that. i will not purchase or watch anything t-ara without hwayoung involved. and again if it is revealed hwayoung doesnt want to come back to t-ara (which i couldnt blame her after all this) then i will have no problem accepting it. cant say id still feel the same way about t-ara or comfortable supporting them meaning that money is going to the poopface KKS. KKS damaged t-ara and is unwilling to admit fault and take the steps needed to fix it.
  11. listen i love qri, and think she'd be a good leader. (better than soyeon even if soyeon is my bias) but all this drama happened with soyeon as leader, which she admitted was something she was at the root of. but it wasnt solely her fault, but i wont go into all that. point is you can apologize 12 millions times, its not going to change what happened. talk is cheap. take action. what good is apologizing now, yes u are sorry, im sure u all are and u all feel bad. i dont doubt that at all. forgive, forget, bring hwayoung back. hopefully sooner than later. so hard watching the new teaser and not seeing hwayoung in the video. feels bad man. feels really bad. i want to be happy and enjoy it. but, i cant force myself to smile. its like my love for t-ara has been sucked out. and i dont want that at all. -.-"
  12. ive heard to many conflicting things. first it was this, but then its o no this is what happened. bullies / no bullies phones hacked / no they werent we got along fine / well we had a disagreement and handled it poorly and now hwayoung is gone. so basically alot of needless drama resulted in the needless removal of a member. all while KKS lets it go on. its dumb. its all dumb. and everyone has suffered. everyone. t-ara. the staff. and the fans. and now they are just going to be like, ok we apologize, lets all move forward together. o except hwayoung. she will be moving on alone. no sorry. thats not all moving forward together. where im from we say no man left behind. and im not leaving hwayoung behind after she got cut because of something so needless and trivial. if hwayoung truly wanted to leave of her own accord i dont think she would have cried and apologized and been so hurt by the whole thing. KKS said she could rejoin. i hold him to that. and i always will and i wont accept a t-ara without hwayoung in it. they can add 700 new members and if they arent hwayoung then idc. if hwayoung truly wants to leave t-ara now or then, then id be cool whatever. but i dont get that impression from all this so thats where i stand. those are my feelings.
  13. who cares. seriously. this is bogus. hwayoung gets removed from the group and it gets over shadowed by eunjung being removed from a tv show? i dont wannahear about rights and justice until hwayoung has hers.
  14. probably off topic, but is this going to be english subbed by diadem subs? never watched a korean show of this sort before but i cant not watch a show that has the most electrifying girl in korean entertainment in it.
  15. after watching hwayoung get the axe for not performing with an injury, soyeon has the fear of god in her now. if she doesnt work, she will be labeled a "top star" and "arrogant" and "comfortable with her success". what do you expect with the dictator KKS running things. these girls are so afraid they break into tears just asking the press not to ask about the hwayoung situation. because god forbid they say anything that KKS doesnt permit them to. then they all will be looking for a new record contract with another label.
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