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  1. if hwayoung leaves, i leave. sad news after 3 year anniversary. o well. it was a fun 3 years while it lasted. good bye fellow t-ara fans. maybe if hwayoung comes back so will i. until then i bid you farewell.
  2. i dont really stay up to date with t-ara as much as i used to. i wasnt even aware hwayoung was hurt, but i guess thats why i wasnt seeing her in any pictures of their recent japan performances. makes sense now. when i first heard their was an anouncement being made (from their facebook page) i had no idea that this was the reason behind it. i was hoping it would be some kind of anouncement on future tour dates. (possibly america! keeping my fingers crossed for the future!) im still not sure whats going on. iread the story and the tweets, but i dont know korean and have to keep in mind when translated may not come off with the same tone and context as english. so it could be mistaken as harsh. or maybe it is harsh. i dont know, so i cant say for sure. but what i do know is : Hwayoung has come a long way after joining t-ara late. since her debut with the group she has changed the most out of any member. not only looks of course, but as far as stage presence, her rapping potential, (potential as a performer in general voice, dance) and her attitude in front of a camera is much more lively and fan friendly. if it's one thing i have seen from hwayoung its that she has been one of thee most hard working and dedicated members of t-ara. and not only t-ara but in all of the k-pop scene. so much that hwayoung has become my favorite member. i know there is alot that goes on that we dont see as fans. and i know there are times when even the best of friends have disagreements. so if these remarks are meant to be hurtful and to question hwayoungs dedication it comes off shocking to me, who as a fan has seen nothing but the opposite from her. thats all i can really say. ill just remain in good faith and hope its all just a misunderstanding. keep your head up hwayoung your fans will support you no matter what! same for the rest of t-ara! we're always with you.
  3. KKS can say he can throw a member out of the group if he wants. i mean im not totally sure how their contracts with CCM are handled but there could be a clause where KKS can terminate it... however with that said would he really want to? any member of t-ara if they were (heaven forbid) removed from the group could easily pursue a career with another label or even in another field. everyone of them is an actress, so if they chose to not sing or a label didnt sign them it wouldnt be the end of the world for them or their fans.
  4. im taking all bets to see how many lines qri and boram each have on the new album.
  5. queens must mean t-ara are the queens of k-pop. i can agree with this.
  6. a good marketing strategy i guess. gotta give them credit for the offer too. however there are many problems with it id like to address. i was planning on buying the album anyway, but from the standpoint on if i wasnt, would this free concert benefit me, as live in the united states? would i get tickets to this concert for purchasing an album? who gets to go to this free concert? how my of the actual 500,00 record buyers get to go, and how many who dont buy it get to reap the reward for those who did spend the money. just a few concerns.
  7. i dunno what youre talkin about. the japanese concept is the same as the korean one. just like the japanese concept for bo peep, lies, roly poly and yayaya were all the same as the korean concepts.
  8. seems like you need a korean citizenship or address to have a membership there? (the CCM site) my korean isnt very good so i could be reading the registry wrong. either way if i had won a book i would have given it to someone here. i mean it would be cool to have the book but im sure they will eventually be scanned and be posted on the internet. i just wanted to be able to say i named the group. since i cant participate, feel free to use my idea. but if you win please share credit. lol. i was thinking a name like 7th heaven. or using 7 and heaven in a way together. so feel free to use it if you want. i cant lol. good luck to you guys though. ;]
  9. when vacationing it is important to note the crime rate in main tourist areas. people tell you otherareas to stay away from and why, but leave the main places out like they are 100% safe and the danger of crime is very small. in reality those place you are just as likely to get robbed / pick pocketed. locals know foreigners and vacationers are easy targets and sneaky weasels are always on the prowl. they have all sorts of methods to get their hands on your things. from simple to elaborate, they will find a way. i highly doubt eunjung left a bag and lost it, it was most likely swiped when no one was looking. it only takes a split second for these things to happen. with that said even i she was the secretary or whatever, CCM should not let ANYONE wander around with that much cash on them. especially a 20 year old girl. and even if you are in a large group and have bodyguards. they should have used a bank card or something.
  10. im too old to keep up with this crap. im not in this guys head. i dont know what he knows or fully understand his way of thinking. with that said t-ara is one of the best sources of music right now in general, not just kpop. and i just hope they keep that up. thats whats important. i wasnt keen when hwayoung came into the picture but now she is a main face earning her spot and having a decent role. and she is my favorite member. who is to say that cant happen again. i just hope it really if for the "growth" and t-aras "future". however i have not heard anyone (fans) being very supportive of this idea, i mean im no exception. t-ara is on top of the game right now and i say if it aint broke dont fix it. i made a post about it on another thread like this like a day or 2 ago and i dont wana say the same things. whatever happens i will always support the 7 members whereever they go in life.
  11. not totally behind this. not sure if its a good idea. but to be fair i am not a CEO of a pop music label and dont know everything about marketting. IMO i think frequent changes in members (even if its just additions) hurts a groups connection. the 7 member t-ara has a bond and a dynamic. throwing more people into that may disrupt that. this is only my opinion again. groups like after school, and AKB have changes in their members and for me it was what made me lose interest. (and the simple fact that akb48 just has too many members its a little overwhelming. lol) not that 9 is too much. its just t-ara was 5. then 6. then 7. now 9. will they have more members next year? when will this end? i dont think it would matter that much, however t-ara's fans dont seem to keen on adding members. especially when most of them feel all of them arent utilized properly. the on-going complaint among t-aras fanbase is certain members dont sing enough or even appear on screen enough. t-ara is one of my favorite groups/artists of all time. t-aras music is whats most important. as long as they keep making awesome music i will continue to be a fan. even if this news isnt what i want to hear. i guess we will know for sure when the news drops whats really going on. but my biggest concern is now this 7 tattoo i got to honor t-ara i have is going to look really stupid now that t-ara is no longer gona be 7 members. d'oh!! lol
  12. girls get a vacation... girls have to work on vacation... i dont even.. i cant even...
  13. ok i just made a post about CCM being smart. it looks like i jinxed them sorry everyone. lol. but seriously. its easy to take things like this out of context. immediately jump to wrong conclusions. so lets all relax. yes i know changing t-ara sucks. if it happens id stop caring about kpop all-together to be honest. but i dont think anything like that is going to happen. t-ara dominated the pop scene for almost a year. CCM is not going to throw that away. they built a loyal fanbase and market with t-ara. they arent going to risk losing that. they will however try to expand upon it. its also important to note the article did not say t-ara is lazy or arrogant. he is stating he has seen success do that to others and DOESNT want that to happen [to t-ara]. do you think he would say that about the girls who just promoted non stop for almost a year? it sounds like ccm is going to add like sub members. you know how certain members are often away due to other activities? i think if that happens, they will add a sub member to perform in their place. but with t-ara saying they are focusing on music this year i duno how many absences there will be. if a t-ara member does leave and if its her own choice to leave then we will have to respect that. if any members leaves t-ara of her own fruition, i will support that and support t-ara as well. i will not support ccm making these changes on their own accord. but i do know when a kpop group becomes a whirlwind of speculation, and rumors and controversy it becomes a headache and no longer fun. i follow and like t-ara because 1-they are fun and enjoyable 2-they told me to (you cant listen to bo peep and not follow t-ara. it goes against nature.) however when a group turns into SURVIVOR IDOL it isnt fun. take a look at after school. and their graduation thing. that isnt fun. that is drama in the form of a kpop group. i hope CCM is just playing an april fools joke on us or something lol. guess we will have to wait and see.
  14. i was really glad when t-ara started to promote over seas. i think they started promoting in japan a little late compared to some other girl groups. but now they are very popular in japan and i think they can be just as popular worldwide as SNSD, CCM just needs to market them more. their sound is more consistent and has a club friendly feel that would do well here in america. i know they lack an "english speaker" like snsd, but i dont think that matters all too much.. i hope their concert in san fran california does well so they can come again in the future. i would love to see t-ara live here in madison square garden one day.
  15. what you said in the last part is how i feel. i know i went off the handle a bit with my rant lol. but i agree if this is qri's decision alone and she feels like she cant fully commit to the role because of her t-ara duties then i fully understand. (like LordNoodles posted as well) but i just have my doubts this was qri's decision alone. if i am wrong then i am wrong but until i am proved wrong then i stand by how i feel. lol.
  16. i got alot of mixed reactions from my post earlier. and it does sound harsh in some areas so i apologize if i offended anyone. i was not intending to criticize any members. i respect and appreciate every member of t-ara and the feelings and opinions of the fans of said members. i was criticizing the judgement of the situation and the reason given, not any particular member of t-ara. when i get home from work i will edit my post to better express my view of the subject.
  17. ok im sorry. but im going to rant here. Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung take acting roles and it ALWAYS interferes with their schedules. one of those 3 are always missing from a performance. 70% of the time when t-ara performs they are usually performing 6/7 members (or 5/6 before hwayoung). and during these times 2 of them were the leader. now Qri gets offered a nice role, and she doesnt do it because it will "interfere" with her schedule? WHAT SCHEDULE? the same ones hyomin and eunjung skip out on all the time? and hyomin and eunjung are members of t-ara who actually sing more than one line. it's not liek Qri missing a few promotions would make that big of a difference. maybe she would get more lines if she was given her own chance to shine and be seen outside t-ara in a new light. she gets a chance to get some solo promotions and she doesnt take it because she cant miss her stage performances where she will say the intro line to a song and then stand in the background with boram while soyeon jiyeon and hwayoung do the rest. (hyomin and eunjung wil be off filming their own dramas.) i am angered by this choice and i think qri should have taken the role. CCM get your managing skills together.
  18. "im upset my fake wife talks about other guys." get over bro. and even if you did confront them, soyeon and jiyeon would both beat the snot out of you. of course he could just be actign upset for the show, but whatevs. silly "news" article is silly.
  19. did CCM really have to make a statement about this? my god, what is the world coming to.
  20. had to wait til the last minute to tell us this? couldnt they have announced it sooner.i am disappoint. WORST. CHRISTMAS. EVER!!!!!!
  21. i find his comments rather hypocritical. repeating lyrics is a basic technique in making a catchy pop song. saying something 4 times is ok but anymore than that is going too far? doesnt make sense to me. bo peep is awesome. roly poly is awesome. yayaya is awesome. or maybe t-ara just makes anything they perform awesome?
  22. lol saw your name in the members list. and earlier i saw someone on tumblr named alyssa-rawr liked one of my photos. i had to see if it was the same person. u both have the same star picture so im assuming yes. thanks for the "like" :D

  23. i had to kick my drug addiction so i could support my t-ara addiction. i must have this album.
  24. get well soon hyomin, and will their agency please start taking better care of their talent. please!
  25. you guys in korea are lucky. you have awesome girl groups like t-ara and tedin waterpark. im seriously jelly.
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