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  1. sometimes in normal lighting, you cant tell. but when bright or intense lighting hits them they look brighter. her make-up prolly reacted to the intense light. its like she said, she wont use that brand of powder again for such an event.
  2. hello, and thank you for your birthday wishes! :D

  3. this is great news. now all we soyeon fans need is a solo album and life will be complete.
  4. she' s not only a special performer, but a special person. this article makes me respect her even more than i already did.
  5. soyeon never ceases to amaze her millions (AND MILLIONS) of fans
  6. havent gotten to see alot of heroes, but from the eps i have seen, it was good. too bad it may be ending.
  7. i didnt get a chance to see any of this yet. i should check it out.
  8. a REAL beautiful girl is: a girl who looks beautiful no matter what, in any situation. hyomin is the definition of that.
  9. i am just realizing .. is that the dude from the movie "ninja assassin"? sorry don't really follow male groups. :\
  10. when you heard about the earthquakes/tsunami's was anyone elses first reaction to scramble and find out if all your favorite k-pop idlos were safe? or was that just me.
  11. hyomin is such a gentle person. very considerate of people. amazing quality. its probably what i admire most about her.
  12. greetings from new york fellow soyeon lover!

  13. shes got an awesome laptop, looks like an ibook. very fancy. as for fashion, these girls could wear potato sacks and make it look good.
  14. its a good promotional move. get the young up and comers out there with the pro's for some publicity.
  15. i am not surprised as i have been saying soyeon is the most electrifying girl in korean entertainment. that requires, style, charisma and an endless amount of talent. it is not something that is learned, one most be born with these traits naturally... (like soyeon.)
  16. boram is one of those people who just look alot younger than they are. i hear that alot myself. and though people say im lucky, i dont really like it. well maybe its because i'm a guy? but i purposely grow facial hair just to NOT look so young.
  17. thats the illusion of eye-liner. i defines the shape of the eye. in all honesty i had to look at the picture a few moments before i realized the difference. to me its not noticable. one eye looks darker, but they are the same size. she looks just as good without make up.
  18. not bad. she looks pretty good with the blonde hairstyle. id like to see more though.
  19. synth-pop is the style now and as a fan of t-ara you should be well aware of that.
  20. i think she looks rather similar with or without it. i think with it on, you just notice her eyes more.
  21. admit it or not, it was kinda obvious to tell. in that regard, who cares if she got her nose done! she wasnt happy with herself so she got it done. big deal! people get plastic surgery all the time, why is it when a famous person gets surgery its a problem. its her face let her do what she wants to it.
  22. i show an extreme love for anything the girls in t-ara are wearing. put them in paper bags for all i care, they'd even make that look good.
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