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  1. I'm not with this at all. I want full comeback not a sub-unit. and it's early to comeback to Korea! KKS should let people miss t-ara and their music more, and work on SPEED, 5dolls etc more and more t-ara will NOT stay FOREVER as the group who makes a lot of money in the company. imagine if they back next year with an amazing concept and great song? the reaction will be different than if the back this year right? if they back next year everybody will miss them not just the fans. ( see 2pm as an example ) it gonna be amazing if KKS let t-ara focus on japan activates till May, let them do some solo activities or work more on themselves ( take piano or rap classes for ex) and then give them a break.
  2. i got t-ara's day by day and lovey dovey albums form a friend who was in korea last month! omg i'm so HAPPY :)

  3. Hyomin's make up is so good! it has been a while since she did smoke eye makeup. SSo and Jiyeon are the best, i want their dresses Also Areum she's so cute and beautiful as always. boram? is she sick or something? her face a bit tired thanks for the pictures. ^^
  4. Thank you so much i really can't believe they finished everything in a day! O_o so powerful my girls .. T-ARA! Fighting!
  5. Qri like a boss! i love her style so chic. and i think Boram should wear something long, her legs look so bad!
  6. Sad, tired and afraid but still beautiful so classy and elegant .. fighting Hyomin Unnie ~
  7. it was a great album without any luck. very good quality thank you so much for sharing.
  8. Good move T-ARA! can't wait to hear " We Were In Love " Japanese ver. it gonna be hit song! i hope Eunjung don't care about what the haters gonna say.
  9. Don't see the age average from bad side ok? like what KaiC said there will always be new fans joining Also i think this will give us more years with T-ARA as a group before the girls broke up or stop do activities.. Ahreum's performance was so good and i don't see the song is an easy one! Dani her rap is not bad too. and i think she works on it this time and for me her cute voice, her English and her good looking are enough to support her. i hope T-ara's fans support all the 9 and stop see anything from - bad side - i know it's hard but you can do it. T-ara girls need us to be " one " not like what i see on YouTube comments some of Queens support the old 6 or the 7 and some of them all the members. - like me hehe - let's just stop this and be ONE!
  10. I hope she's OK. We really miss you Hwayoung take a rest and get well soon. and oh yeah i like that kid who in the picture! and glad to see you Dani with them. Fighting!.
  11. Wow! this is amazing! Qri and Boram's performance the best! god, look how Qri is HAPPY! Areum's performance so good too! i didn't know that her English not bad! And omg Soyeon's performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look how she damn SEXY! <3 Dani's Japanese is cute how could she learn so fast?! and her rap is so so great! I LOVE IT! T-ARA FIGHTING!
  12. Wow! this is REALLY amazing! Congrats to our girls! they worked hard and this is what they gain! i wish i can go there too maybe someday because they won't come to Middle East.
  13. i like Areum, Hyomin and Hwayoung style Soyeon so cute with her dress and her hair also, it's so fitting together for me Hyomin always the best in airport fashion. and ohh glad to see Dani with them
  14. Omg they're so gorgeous T-ara girls really really more than amazing!
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