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  1. The more netizens bashing T-ara & CCM, the more things KKS will give to the public... LOL.. This is KKS that you are "playing" now.. LOL
  2. That reporter is professional reporter or what?? For this, I give credit to 1000th Man PD
  3. Sexy love gonna be HIT. I believe that.. They still got #3 on mubank last week though this issue still lingering in Korea.. They gonna kill the charts again with this new song.. Haters/antis can't stop T-ara to be more successful in the future.. Keep faith guys..
  4. Hope she's okay T-ara please stay strong.. Queen's will always support you guys no mater what happens.. p/s: Am I the only 1 here want to kill those stupid netizens? T-ara don't deserved all these hating comments.. hurmm
  5. Ehh.. They never remove EunHyoSo in their dramas.. Where you got that info????
  6. Am I the only 1 think that Hyomin will use this press conference to clear up this issue.. We know Hyomin right.. She always trying to protect her members.. just like she did with Jiyeon's ramen issue, Mose's issue & etc.. Btw, Hyomin fighting.. I know you can do it.. Queen's will protect T-ara
  7. Netizens with their "evidence" & WHY the team crew should to apology if those rumors only a RUMORS.. "340,000" netizens only know how to bash people in internet. but when T-.jinyo ask them to do a protest. Where're all of those netizens? =_=
  8. Atleast, he apologize to both sides (T-ara & Hwayoung).. He put his ego a side. Credit to him.. I believe T-ara will getting stronger after this issue.. I want they know that their real fans always support them no matter what happens.. Good luck to them.. Hope after this, people will learn to thinks first before make an assumptions.. People who believe those rumors is not a smart person.. nuff to say.
  9. This.. They got all the info from community forum that we can't believe 100%... I found many crap articles in nate lately.. Kpress should make a research before they publish it... hurmm.
  10. Japanese welcome T-ara with big heart & why not their own "family"??? Rumors can destroy relationship.. Now, I believe this quote.. For some reason, I give my full respect to JQueen's (Sweet Treasure)... They never believe with those rumors.. T-ARA FIGHTING, QUEE'S FIGHTING!!! <3 Lets start new life..
  11. It safe to say that they're 3rd most popular Kpop girl group in Japan right now.. Good luck for them. Hope this news will tell them that they have ton of fans out there.. <3 You guys are not alone.. Queen's will support you guys no matter what happens
  12. Thats why they described their group as Infinity Challenge.. They're unique.. Chameleon of Kpop Go Go.. Hope Day By Day, lovey dovey & sexy love will top the year end chart later
  13. Don't tell me Eunjung will stick in this show... Kissing scene >< I'm still shocking about kissing scene.. hu3
  14. Hope they'll take care their health too.. This year is the busiest year for them.. p/s: I hope they'll win Music Bank Half Year Award this today *pray*
  15. Here ticket prices for this showcase. Malaysian's Queen's must be happy to hear this news.. Enjoy the concert ^^
  16. T-ara can't leave acting world (though they want to stop their acting activities this year) because of demand.. Btw. they're good actress.. They acts in films, dramas, & musicals.. Truly act-dol girl group.. Btw, congrats Hyomin ah.. Summer is your time to shine again ^^ Fighting!
  17. yeahhh... music video drama.. I like it... ^^ That's T-ara trademark.. Their acting skills is amazing.. No doubt
  18. Wait I noticed this: Wait.. So, Korean press, recognize them as 1 of national groups like Snsd & also KARA?
  19. He just kidding. There's no news about that... Maybe she has another schedule to attend.. Who knows:). @scatter, please don't make a rumor.. hurmm..
  20. They actually went to Park Concert before they went to Dream Concert.. So, that's why you can see they wore the same clothes.. p/s: Please change the title thanks
  21. "Queen's".. Sound good for me.. Queen of digital, queen of retro, queen of concept & etc.. I'm grateful that finally we have an official name.. Album sales, digital sales, ticket sales, & the spot for fans in every event (concerts, music shows) will more orderly after this.. T-ara Go Go!!
  22. Released earlier or late.. it doesn't a matter.. the most important is how they're survive in chart (I'm talking about longevity).. Before I read this thread, I hope IU - you & I also in top 5 (though IU released her song earlier than T-ara and she also well known as an idol who doing well in digital charts)..
  23. LONGEVITY That makes T-ara's digital sales never dropped.. ^^ Stay strong T-ara.. hope they'll win first half year award on Mubank this year.. T-ara go go!!
  24. No luck for Eunjung.. hope someday she will debut as musical actress too like jiyeon, hyomin, soyeon & boram.. Btw. good luck to them.. tour, concert, & albums.. hurmm.. Please stay healthy
  25. New an official fancafe, an official fan club, LIVE Tour in Jpn, 1st solo concert in SK,1st solo concert outside SK (lovey dovey concert in Bangkok), & new album in July.. I'm the happiest Queen in the world. lol
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