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  1. well u just need to tell us the truth only the truth and nothing else stop saying unreasonable things
  2. protect my ass u are trying to damage her image stop saying these things i dont believe you
  3. lmao ccm is so crazy and those staffs too what's the point adding her to the group then kick her out? ccm is telling the world the truth that other t-ara's members are bullying her and making her to leave
  4. seriously i really dont like areum i dont like the way she performs but i hope she can prove herself and show queens that she deserves to be in T-ara
  5. aww Boram admires Jessica? T-ara and So Nyuh Shi Dae i actually admire Boram i think CCM should give her more lines i mean she maybe short but her voice is loud
  6. OMG are those wigs or real hair? i dont think blonde suits jiyeon and qri looks a bit older hyomin and eunjung are gorgeous
  7. wow i must say she looks so fine in short hair i love u already areum u go girl cant wait for her debut
  8. wow they are practicing hard cant wait for the comeback go T-ara
  9. wow it sounds really good cant wait for the pv well if ccm made one ~~~
  10. seriously these news about Dani is annoying me of course she is innocent she is 14 and we 14 girls love ice cream this news is non-sense
  11. ccm is a big fat liar lol how can Dani refuse that much money? i'm 13 now and i know that i wont refuse that much money just for learning choreography
  12. Thai Queens daebak cant wait to see the girls with their own concert go T-ara anyway plz come to VIETNAM
  13. she looks more like f(x)'s Krystal to me she is only 14 =.= but at least T-ara has one native English speaker right? she got my support anyway
  14. is that a dude? i thought that was a woman =.= but his style is so cool cant wait for the choreo of the new song T-ara DAEBAK
  15. cant believe it =.= CCM is really annoying keep changing the member like that, i'd rather u to create a new group mr Kim
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