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  2. Im sure she'll do very well! I have faith in her! AND YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I finally gett to watch a new drama this summer! It'll start airing on July 30th? I hope so!!! SO EXCITED!!
  3. Here! She sings well /watch?v=NMFM0AFxuZA&feature=player_embedded Anyways, at first i was very saddened that they were adding members for no reasons, but Areum is really pretty and she seems to be able to sing well. I just want to see her bond with the group, for me to actually really like her. I also hope she doesnt get too much hatred from some abusive 7-ARA or even 6-ARA fans. I hope she'll be able to take the criticism and eventually be accepted Good Luck Areum! EDIT: Here! I also found her JYP audition! /watch?v=QWTEC0_sKto&feature=channel&list=UL
  4. Apparently "Day By Day" will just be a digital or physical single. Then "Mirage" will be their 2nd album's title track. "T-ara's Effet" will be the repackage's title track. They are gonna work really hard, so we'll have to support!
  5. I held myself from listening to the leaked song! Normally, i cant help it, but this time i didn't But everyone says its good, so ill be able to wait knowing its good. Hopefully the 8th member will add something good for the group (I also hope its a full album!)
  6. Wae!!!???!! Jiyeon wont be the maknae anymore? Oh crap... this sucks! I dont want them to add members. Minimum 1 member Core! Not 2 to make 9... 8 would be the least acceptable, because they would be the only group with 8 members
  7. Umm, I can't wait for their new album (hopefully a full album!) But at the same time, im not sure about adding the members... ughhh I'll just hope for the best! T-ara fighting~!
  8. Yay, more good deeds from our babies Glad they are really implied for helping others T-ara fighting!!~~
  9. So i guess im a queen's. or should i say the queen's ? It sounds better like that! ANyways, im proub T-ara finally found their fanclub name!!! T-ara & Queen's Fighting~~~!!
  10. Wow! a new album, a concert and a new official fan-club!!! Thank u T-ara!! Can't wait for summer now!
  11. ... no they should probably debut another girlgroup if thats the case. I mean t-ara are fine with 7. They have good vocals, great dancing, and good rap. We dont need more. Please CCM, for us fans
  12. this was expected. i mean they have to film 6 MVs. That is alot and i doubt they could of done it in less of month. Although, i wish they'd release the song... i find it weird that they release the mv first, then the song...
  13. No, it's not 2606. It's written Lovey Dovey but in Korean (srry dont have a korean keyboard -.-'). its just that it was an ''stylized'' font, i guess... Aha! i found it ! its not 2606 its 러비더비
  14. I wish they'd release it a bit earlier... but still! I'm still hella excited! So is it going to be a repack of Black Eyes? since its written "fourth album of Tara" just like Black Eyes... Whatever. Im still gonna love it T-ara Hwaiting! I also hope they release the album, or just the mp3 version before the mv, cause i need to put something on my iPod XD
  15. Cry Cry Lovey Dovey Round & Round Bo Peep Bo Peep Yayaya Roly Poly. T-ara's song titles always make me laugh. And they always rhyme CANT WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK~~~
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